Coinciding with the film’s domestic release, MovieScore Media presents the music to the Spanish dramedy To Live Twice (Vivir dos veces) with music by Arnau Bataller and Simon Smith. Directed by Maria Ripoll, the film follows a man named Emilio (Oscar Martínez), his daughter Julia (Inma Cuesta) and his granddaughter Blanca (Mafalda Carbonell) on a crazy road trip in search of true love. With Emilio on the brink of losing his memory, the small family decides to make the patriarch happy one last time by undertaking this journey to in the hopes of helping him find the lost love of his youth.

Composer Arnau Bataller has worked on countless American and Spanish projects, including José Luis Alemán’s H.P. Lovecraft-inspired horror films The Valdemar Legacy (2010) and The Valdemar Legacy II: The Forbidden Shadow (2010) – also available from MovieScore Media.His list of horror releases by ScreamWorks Records include Julio Martí’s The Brotherhood, and two installments in the [REC] franchise, [REC]3: Genesis and [REC]4. Barcelona-based British film composer Simon Smith has won Best International Short score at the Music and Sound Awards 2016 for his work on the animated short The Guardian and has worked on the soundtracks of Spanish comedies such as Dani Rovira’s Now or Never and  María Ripoll’s Don’t Blame Karma for Being an Idiot.

Release date (digital): September 6, 2019


1 To Live Twice (Intro) 1:36
2 Margarita 4:26
3 What A Family (Part 1) 1:50
4 Daydream 2:03
5 I’m A Professor 1:48
6 Looking For Margarita 4:00
7 Math Is A Language 1:14
8 Julia’s Burden 4:05
9 I Don’t Like Lentils 2:04
10 Emilio Is Lost 2:44
11 What A Family (Part 2) 1:39
12 Final Embrace 3:10
13 To Live Twice (Outro) 1:38