Music Composed and Conducted by LEON GURVITCH

MovieScore Media’s most recent exploration of international film scoring is courtesy of German-based composer Leon Gurvitch, working together with Turkish filmmaker Cenk Ertürk. The film tells the story of Ömer (Ali Atay), a middle-aged man who must face the wrath of angry villagers in order to realize his estranged father’s dying wish to be buried under the enshrined Noah Tree which he claims had been planted by him more than half a century ago. Noah Land won Best Actor (Atay) and Best Screenplay (Ertürk) awards at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival where it was also nominated for Best International Narrative Feature.

“My aim was to make an emotional contribution to this touching story by means of music,” explains composer Leon Gurvitch about the music “The intensely loaded soundtrack pairs powerful thrilling melodies with neo-folkloristic sounds thus creating an organic musical accompaniment to this intimate father-son drama staged amid rural Turkish landscapes. I feel privileged to have been invited to work on this movie score with talented director Cenk Ertürk who gave me artistic freedom and many creative impulses.” The recording was made with an ensemble of international musicians: string orchestra, wood winds, piano & percussion. Some pieces from the soundtrack have been already performed by Leon Gurvitch & Ensemble in New York, Berliner Philharmonie & Bechstein Centrum Hamburg.

Born in Belarus, composer Leon Gurvitch has been a resident of Hamburg, Germany since 2001. Coming from a classical musical background, he is working as an assistant professor at the Johannes Brahms Conservatory and has authored more than 300 compositions and arrangements. Some of his most important achievements involve scoring Menahem Golan’s 2001 film Death Game, conducting the premiere of Philip Glass’s opera “Les Enfants Terribles” in Hamburg, winning an international composition prize “Golden Chanukkia” in 2006 in Berlin and making his debut at Carnegie Hall as a pianist and composer in 2017. Leon Gurvitch’s works are published by Boosey & Hawkes.

Release date (digital): September 27, 2019

Cover image: © 2019 Alix de Rozières


1 Main Theme 4:28
2 Father’s Theme 6:17
3 Improvisation I 4:20
4 Piano Waltz 4:22
5 Noah Tree Suite- Part 1 3:36
6 Noah Tree Suite- Part 2 3:16
7 Noah Tree Suite- Part 3 2:20
8 Piano Melody 4:22
9 Improvisation II 4:05
10 Wife’s Theme 3:16
11 Melody for Cello and Piano 5:53