Music Composed by NATHAN LARSON

The latest release of MovieScore Media offers a unique blend of 70s retro sound with a contemporary spin, courtesy of composer/songwriter Nathan Larson (Shudder to Think, A Camp). Written and directed by Nick Sandow, The Wannabe stars Vincent Piazza and Patricia Arquette as Thomas and Rose, a couple obsessed with mob culture and the 1992 trial of John Gotti. Following his brief incarceration, Thomas hopes to get some street cred, but when he doesn’t get the recognition he thinks he deserves, he hooks up with Rose to commit a series of crimes akin to Bonnie and Clyde – but instead of targeting banks, they take on the very same mobsters Thomas idolizes…

Composer Nathan Larson describes his approach to this most unusual mob/love story: “We wanted the music to do something similar to the film itself; reference and quote from the gangster films of the ’70s, and smash that up with a more modern approach. It was important that there be distinct themes to come back to, so I drew from my own experience of growing up in New York City: there’s some accordion in there, a couple of horn players, clarinet, bass clarinet, bass and tenor saxophone, some rather dated sounding “blues-y” guitar noodling, some ambient and retro synths and a great cellist rounding everything out.”

The versatile career of guitarist, singer, songwriter and author Nathan Larson spans over three decades now as it ranges from his days of indie success with Shudder to Think to dozens of soundtrack commissions including Boys Don’t Cry (1999), Prozac Nation (2004) and Margin Call (2001). He has worked with directors like Joel Schumacher (Tigerland) and Stephen Frears (Dirty Pretty Things, The Deal) who hired the composer for his unique touch of anarchically experimental, yet still memorable scores. His debut novel entitled The Dewey Decimal System was published in 2011, followed by its sequel, The Nervous System in 2012. Larson is married to The Cardigans’ singer Nina Persson who often contributes to her husband’s soundtracks.

Release date (digital): April 8, 2016

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1 A Gangster’s Tears 4:48
2 Hot Open 1:40
3 Cosa Nostra Go-Round 2:1
4 Rose 2:00
5 Get Smacked 2:20
6 BQE 1:4
7 The Costello Hit 2:36
8 Making Moves 3:33
9 Verdict 3:03
10 The Beach 1:36
11 Whack ‘Em 5:48
12 Headstones 1:48
13 Capo di Capo 3:34
14 Slow Dance 0:42