Featuring Original Music By Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer

Lakeshore Records will release A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on April 22nd and on CD May 20, 2016. The album features the original score by Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer (CLOUD ATLAS, THE INTERNATIONAL, SENSE 8).

A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING – Cultures collide when an American businessman Alan Clay, (Tom Hanks) is sent to  Saudi Arabia to close what he hopes will be the deal of a lifetime. Baffled by local customs and stymied by an opaque bureaucracy, he eventually finds his footing with the help of a wise-cracking taxi driver Yousef (Alexander Black) and a beautiful Saudi doctor Zara (Sarita Choudhury)

Tom Tykwer (born 1965 in Wuppertal) is one of the most influential and renowned contemporary German filmmakers. His international hit RUN LOLA RUN (1999) was followed by such diverse and stylistically challenging movies as THE PRINCESS AND THE WARRIOR (2001), PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER (2006), THE INTERNATIONAL (2009) and CLOUD ATLAS (2012, co-directed with the Wachowskis). Tykwer also works as a soundtrack composer on most of his films.

Johnny Klimek has teamed up with Tykwer on projects that would be career-defining work. Klimek is a fourth generation film composer, equally comfortable in the electronic studio and on the recording stage. This dual-identity asserted itself again in the adaptation of CLOUD ATLAS (2012), on which Klimek teamed up with the Wachowski’s and his sturdiest collaborator, German auteur Tom Tykwer. His work started to gain notice after the breakthrough hit RUN, LOLA, RUN (1998) and continuing through with films like PERFUME (2006), THE INTERNATIONAL (2009) and CLOUD ATLAS. Additionally, Johnny has scored Greg Mclean’s WOLF CREEK 2 (2013) and THE DARKNESS (2016), as well as Netflix’s original series SENSE8 (2015). He has also recently composed for HBO’s THE NEWSROOM and FOX’s MIND GAMES. With an Australian background and a musical pedigree earned in Europe, he brings something exciting to the expanding world of Hollywood.

Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions, and Saban Films present A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING in theaters on April 22, 2016. Lakeshore Records will release A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on April 22nd and on CD May 20, 2016.


1. Mr. Clay
2. Full Steam Ahead
3. Family Business
4. Voyager
5. Timeless
6. Marching On
7. The King Is Coming
8. Zahra
9. New Hampshire
10. A Hologram For The King – End Title
11. Bonus Track: Traveler