Manuel Carballo’s The Returned is one of the most original zombie movies released in the burgeoning sub-genre. The film takes place in a world where the zombie virus has already infected most of mankind, but a cure has been found. The so-called “Return Protein” can turn zombies into regular humans without any side effects. That is until there’s enough protein for everyone. When it turns out that the substance is running low, both the returned and the protesters wanting to kill them run amok on the streets. The movie follows the story of Kate (Emily Hampshire), a leading doctor in the field and Alex (Kris Holden-Ried), a returned who needs help before he runs out of his dose…

Jonathan Goldsmith is one of the busiest media members of the Canadian film music scene with an extensive filmography that includes feature film and television scores as well. In the past, Goldsmith has won four Gemini Awards for his work on Pit Pony (1997), Dead Silence (1997), Trudeau II: Maverick in the Making (2005) and The Nativity (2010), but he also has a Canadian Screen Award for Titanic (2012) and a BAFTA Award for David Yates’ Sex Traffic (2004).

The composer is a returning guest to our label as we has previously issued his delightful score to Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz (2011), but even we were surprised by his nightmarishly creepy music for this film. The Returned is not just an average horror film score, it’s an extensive and detailed audio replica of the diseased world of the story’s setting where the music is allowed to emphasize the sickness surrounding everything. Allowing for only a few moments of genuine human emotions through more traditional instruments in cues like “Mercy”, Goldsmith blurs the line between zombies and humans, making us question who the real monsters are…

SWR14005 • THE RETURNED (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): April 1, 2014


1 Opening Titles 2:52
2 Secrets 2:09
3 The Hospital 5:53
4 Drugs 2:14
5 Alex’s Story 4:36
6 Visit 3:17
7 Escape 2:39
8 Getout 2:40
9 Detectives 2:28
10 Eve 2:05
11 Zombie in Chains 3:02
12 Robbed 5:07
13 Alex in Chains 4:35
14 Mercy 3:34
15 Broken 4:17
16 Falling Sky 2:05

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