Music Composed by Various Composers

MovieScore Media is proud to present its brand new initiative entitled Short Cuts 2018, a unique opportunity for fans of film music to discover the best scores written for short films of each year. The selection process involves the curation of dozens of entries from which the best ones are selected and released in digital format by MovieScore Media and on CD by Quartet Records.

Composers represented on this album range from industry veterans like Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks) and Nicholas Pike (Sleepwalkers), via current names such as Joe Kraemer (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation) and Cyrille Aufort (A Royal Affair) and new, fresh talent like Anne-Kathrin Dern (The Jade Pendant) and Patrick Neil Doyle (the son of the famous Patrick Doyle). Represented with the longest selection, and also the cover image, is Anthony Lledo’s award-winning score for the Batteries Not Included-inspired sci-fi short Invaders. Each of the represented composers fashioned a score that successfully encapsulates the essence of these unique stories in a polished musical gem that not only supports the visuals, but is a satisfying listening experience in its own right.

This year, the represented genres on Short Cuts include fantasy, drama, horror, sci-fi, comedy and documentary. An interesting trend is that at least a handful of these films got their start from crowdfunding sites, so it’s especially refreshing to see that some of that budget going to recording original scores with actual musicians.

Although the tracks themselves have a different feel to them due to the diversity of both the represented genres and the composers involved, we hope this selection of the best short scores from 2018 proves that great film music is still alive and well – sometimes it’s just hiding in the smallest places!

Release date (digital): December 21, 2018
CD coming soon from Quartet Records


1 Invaders (Anthony Lledo) 13:02
2 Hathor (Marc Timón) 8:39
3 The Friend (Cyrille Aufort) 3:09
4 Unburied (Andrea Boccadoro) 3:06
5 Sylphvania Grove (Zak Millman) 3:47
6 Nowhen (Angelo Badalamenti) 4:09
7 Keep the Gaslight Burning (Joe Kraemer) 4:58
8 Angels of Our Past (Patrick Neil Doyle) 4:13
9 Modern Magician (Tim Williams) 2:00
10 Poppies (Nicholas Pike) 3:28
11 The Take Off (Joseph Stephens) 6:15
12 Broken (Anne-Kathrin Dern) 3:47
13 Actress (Michael Csányi-Wills) 6:25
14 Lotta That Silhouette Girl (Carla Patullo) 6:24
15 The 716th (George Shaw) 3:46