Composed and Conducted by BRUCE BROUGHTON

Bruce Broughton’s dynamic action-filled soundtrack for Stephen Hopkin’s big-screen treatment of classic Irwin Allen 60’s TV series gets deluxe expanded 2-CD release!

With the latest release from their long-standing relationship with composer Bruce Broughton, Intrada revisits Broughton’s massive score to the 1998 film version of Lost in Space. Broughton had two-and-a-half weeks to score the film and that it’s one of the richest, grandest scaled and most thematically compelling scores of his career is a testament to Broughton’s professionalism and talentNot only scored on a tight schedule, but the picture underwent numerous changes even as Broughton was attempting to finalize his score and record it with the Sinfonia of London. The composer had to write and record in haste and revise and re-score numerous sequences right up until the last minute.  The resulting score is remarkably coherent, strongly melodic in its thematic elements, powerful in its majestic moments, and ferocious in its action sequences.

This new release expands upon the previous release, and now covers 2-CDs, including many alternates and revisions. Intrada revisited the complete session masters, recorded digitally during February and March 1998.  The assembly follows Broughton’s initial plan, with full cues playing in their originally intended sequence, including a significant highlight — the almost completely unused action set piece “Major Mayhem” that follows the main title.

The film retains the narrative of the original Irwin Allen TV from the ’60s on which the movie is based.  A space family Robinson sets out to colonize Alpha Centauri, only to lift off with a saboteur trapped on board.  The ship is sent off course and is lost in space as the Robinsons deal with deadly space spiders, time bubbles and exploding planets, only to come out without any idea where they are or how to get home.

Famed space family Robinson comes vividly alive courtesy William Hurt as John, Mimi Rogers as Maureen, Heather Graham as Judy, Jack Johnson as Will, Matt LeBlanc as Don, Gary Oldman as Dr. Smith.

Involved, darker and more serious story than TV series offered inspired Broughton to create massive, full-blooded symphonic score with one foot in robust action mode, one foot in intense drama mode. Main theme, heard nobly on solo horn at outset of “Main Title”, takes off in full throttle fashion for initial launch of Jupiter II. Sinister motif for Dr. Smith, heroic ideas for John, swashbuckling action music for Don – all soon have their say. Powerful and complex “Boarding The Proteus”, incredibly ferocious and lengthy “Spiders Attack” (both heard complete for the first time on this release) are just two of many highlights. Broughton had less than three weeks to prepare his massive score. Changes were being made even as Broughton was completing his score, causing numerous revisions to become necessary. Many cues were heavily edited in finished film, still others repeated in scenes not originally planned.

Intrada restoration features everything in sequence Broughton originally intended. Both full-length original versions and revised versions are included, allowing listener to enjoy everything as is or select just those versions preferred. Sometimes the changes are nominal, reflecting brief editorial changes in the film. At other times the changes are significant, reflecting major revisions to the final footage. Final portion of film actually saw multiple editorial decisions being made – Broughton responded in kind with three different takes on his climactic cues “The Portal”, “Through The Planet”. All three versions are present on this release as well. Both discs mastered from the original two-track digital session mixes made by John Timperley at famed Abbey Road & AIR Lyndhurst Studios and Mike Ross-Trevor at Whitfield Studios, all in London. Entire album production courtesy Warner Bros. Detailed notes by Tim Greiving, flipper-style cover design by Joe Sikoryak. Bruce Broughton conducts Sinfonia Of London.

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 340

Date: 1998
Time: 124:12
Tracks: 41

01. Prologue (0:58)
02. Main Title/Major Mayhem (4:07)
03. Hologram Gags/You’ll Do (Alternate) (1:05)
04. Meet Dr. Smith (1:40)
05. Dog Tags, No. 1 (0:38)
06. Reprogram The Robot/The Launch (6:25)
07. Bad Dream/The Robot Attack (3:22)
08. Where’s Judy?/Judy Is Dying (Remix) (6:23)
09. Can’t Kill The Man (Revised) (0:49)
10. We’re Lost (0:23)
11. The Proteus (Alternate) (2:23)
12. Boarding The Proteus, Pt. 1/BoardingThe Proteus, Pt. 2 (7:01)
13. Spiders And Static/Spiders Attack (Revised) (7:54)
14. Jupiter Crash (1:11)
15. A Strange New Place/Spider Scratch (1:29)
16. Matt And Judy (1:40)
17. Goodnights (0:38)
18. Energy Bubbles/Dog Tags, No. 2/John And West Set Out (2:23)
19. Will’s Walk/Smith Persuades Will (1:56)
20. Will And Smith Set Out (1:59)
21. Decades Old/I’m Your Son (Revised)/Time Machine (4:27)
CD1 Time: 59:29
01. Never Trust Anyone/Smith Interrupts/Spider Smith (3:01)
02. Friendship/We Have A Plan/Kill The Monster (Revised) (8:46)
03. Let’s Go Major (Original) (1:26)
04. The Portal (Revised Alternate) (2:44)
05. Through The Planet (Revised Alternate) (2:28)
06. Nice Work Fly Boy (Revised) (1:36)
07. Fanfare For Will (0:27)
08. Lost In Space (3:26)
Total Score Time: 83:37

The Extras – Alternates
09. Hologram Gags/You’ll Do (Original) (1:04)
10. Can’t Kill The Man (Original) (0:49)
11. The Proteus (Original) (2:24)
12. Spiders And Static/Spiders Attack (Original) (7:54)
13. Decades Old/I’m Your Son (Original)/Time Machine (4:32)
14. Friendship/We Have A Plan/Kill The Monster (Original) (8:50)
15. Let’s Go Major (Alternate) (1:24)
16. The Portal (Original) (2:42)
17. The Portal (Revised) (2:43)
18. Through The Planet (Original) (3:13)
19. Through The Planet (Revised) (2:41)
20. Nice Work Fly Boy (Original) (1:48)
Total Extras Time: 40:29
CD2 Time: 64:43