Music Composed by JOHAN SÖDERQVIST

Coinciding with the film’s wide release in Norwegian cinemas on 15 February, MovieScore Media once again teams up with Johan Söderqvist to release his score for the historical epic Amundsen. A true hero of Norway, Roald Amundsen is best-remembered for his incredible achievement of reaching the South Pole in 1911. Directed by Espen Sandberg, Amundsen stars Pål Sverre Hagen as the arctic explorer who is caught in a race to reach both the North and the South Pole and also becomes an early pioneer of flying over the Arctic scene – with tragic results…

“The director Espen Sandberg had a vision for the music: to create a whole new aural world for the South Pole, a place at that time as unknown to people as Mars or Jupiter,” explains Johan Söderqvist. “We wanted it to feel like we’re arriving to a whole new world , a new universe. We recorded many different crazy things but in the end we really liked the sound of Indian native flutes being blown – or screamed into! – a new wonderful Russian electronic voice/breath processor called “the Pipe”. That together with heavily distorted ambiences & drums became the signature sound of the film.”

Johan Söderqvist is one of the busiest and most successful Scandinavian composers. He has collaborated on a regular basis with Danish director Susanne Bier for whom he scored Brothers (2004) the Oscar-nominated After the Wedding (2006), the Oscar-winning In a Better World (2010) and the romantic comedy Love Is All You Need (2012) – the latter two albums were released by MovieScore Media. His other credits include the Oscar-nominated Kon-Tiki (2014), the British/American horror The Limehouse Golem(2016) and the cult classic vampire film Let the Right One In (2008), another MSM release. His latest release with the label was The King’s Choice (2016), Norway’s official submission for that year’s Academy Awards.

Release date (digital): February 15, 2019
CD coming soon from Rosetta Records


1 Intro 1:32
2 Antarctis 4:11
3 Two Brothers 2:43
4 The Financiers 2:00
5 Planning the Expedition 0:57
6 First and Second Attempt 2:49
7 The Ice Ravine / Naming the Mountains 2:58
8 At the South Pole 1:49
9 High Society / Three Years in the Ice 2:29
10 Roald Humiliated 1:38
11 Roald and Kiss / To the Arctic Sea 1:39
12 The Ice Bear Attack 1:15
13 The Children 1:34
14 The Penguins and the Pipe 1:04
15 Roald’s Speech 1:49
16 He’s Alive 5:24
17 Mummified in Ice 3:16
18 Bitterness 1:01
19 To the North Pole 4:04
20 Proposing to Bess 1:32
21 Nobile Is Missing / Roald and Bess / Plane Crash 4:23
22 He’s Dead 2:15
23 Epilogue: Dream of the North Pole 2:38