3rd Silent film Festival

The merry widow (1925) by Erich von Stroheim
Music Editing: Eleni Mitsiaki

Subtitles in Greek


Runtime: 137 minutes
Genre: Drama – Romance 

Directed by Erich von Stroheim
Writing credits: Erich von Stroheim, Benjamin Glazer, Viktor Léon, Leo Stein, Marian Ainslee

Produced by Erich von Stroheim, Irving Thalberg
Cinematography by Oliver T. Marsh, William H. Daniels, Ray Rennahan, Ben F. Reynolds
Film Editing by Frank E. Hull, Margaret Booth


Costume Design by Richard Dayrich von Stroheim


Country: US


Cast: Mae Murray, John Gilbert, Roy D’Arcy, Josephine Crowell, George Fawcett, Tully Marshall, Edward Connelly

Prince Danilo falls in love with dancer Sally O’Hara. His uncle, King Nikita I of Monteblanco forbids the marriage because she is a commoner. Thinking she has been jilted by her prince, Sally marries old, lecherous Baron Sadoja, whose wealth has kept the kingdom afloat. When he dies suddenly, Sally must be wooed all over again by Danilo.

3rd Silent Film Festival
The Emancipation of Woman
From the 12th to the 25th of July 2012, at 21:00


The MCF thinks of Michael Cacoyannis as well as his love for both Silent Cinema and Greta Garbo, and the 3rd Silent Film Festival of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation comes true, with admission free of charge. Having as subject the “Emancipation of Woman”, it is going to take place from July 12th to 25th 2012, at 21:00 following the two extraordinarily successful tributes to the American and the European silent cinema, the films of which had Michael Cacoyannis, himself, chosen. During the 3rd Silent Film Festival there will be screened 15 films, while the tribute will end with the film The single standard with the most favorite actress of Michael Cacoyannis, Greta Garbo.
As every year, the 3rd Silent Film Festival is organized in cooperation with the STUDIO-Parallel Circuit, and his President,Christos Papadimitriou as well as the Film Scoring workshopwith responsible instructor, Alexandros Mouzas.