Tomorrowland_600a (1)

Magnificent, epic-scale orchestral score by Michael Giacchino for Walt Disney sci-fi mystery starring George Clooney.

New from Walt Disney Records and available through limited distribution from Intrada and Amazon comes Michael Giacchino’s epic score to the summer adventure Tomorrowland.   Giacchino pulled out all the stops for this soaring score, just the kind of film music enthusiasts love from the summer movie season.  Starting out in an almost mystical fashion for piano and strings, don’t be deceived by the quiet opening, for the score soon slams down the gas pedal as the roller coaster musical journey takes off.  The brassy main theme propels the adventure forward, taking the viewer along for the ride into the future to help save the planet.

Magnificent, epic-scale orchestral score by Michael Giacchino for Walt Disney sci-fi mystery, directed by Brad Bird, written by Bird with Damon Lindelof (Lost), starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson. Set within numerous eras (the 1960’s, the future) including time and places unknown, fanciful adventure offers time travel, robots, androids, dreamers, teleportation… and powerhouse music to match. Admirably in command, Michael Giacchino anchors overall score with sonorous, major-key theme, then surrounds it with lengthy, colorful cues, dynamic action sequences. Moments of intense harmonic vernacular have their say but Giacchino focuses instead on classic “sixties-style” scoring with accessible, ever-present theme and stirring secondary theme close by. Another cool asset: propulsive rhythms, typically heard via repeating string figures with arpeggio-like melodic percussion as accompaniment, provide richly rewarding forward momentum to thrilling music throughout. “Pin Ultimate Experience” gives this rhythmic idea a particularly generous workout! Other highlights abound: rousing excitement of “World’s Worst Shop Keepers”, intense action of “All House Assault”, “Battle Of Bridgeway”, animated energy of “People Mover And Shaker”. Deserving special spotlight is “What An Eiffel”: Here, soaring major-key themes emerge with resounding brass climaxes while unrelenting string rhythms drive lengthy piece towards inexorable finish. Similar kudos to powerhouse “Pins Of A Feather” that brings score proper to grandiose finish. (Subsequent “End Credits” are extra layer of sensational frosting on top!) This is lavish, masterful film music of the highest order.

Label: Walt Disney Records D002065402
Date: 2015
Time: 73:52
Tracks: 24

01. A Story About The Future
02. A Prologue
03. You’ve Piqued My Pin-Trist
04. Boat Wait, There’s More!
05. Edge Of Tomorrowland
06. Casey V Zeitgeist
07. Home Wheat Home
08. Pin-Ultimate Experience
09. A Touching Tale
10. World’s Worst Shop Keepers
11. Just Get In The Car
12. Texting While Driving
13. Frank Frank
14. All House Assault
15. People Mover And Shaker
16. What An Eiffel!
17. Welcome Back, Walker!
18. Sphere And Loathing
19. As The World Burns
20. The Battle Of Bridgeway
21. The Hail Athena Pass
22. Electric Dreams
23. Pins Of A Feather
24. End Credits