Hot on the heels of the previous release of Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Intrada and Walt Disney Records present the album for the third film in the series, TINKER BELL AND THE GREAT FAIRY RESCUE.  Series composer Joel McNeely is again on the job, delivering another magical, exciting, and soaring score that perfectly complements the first two scores and propels Tinker Bell’s third adventure forward.  McNeely set the standard for this series, writing for large orchestra comprised of LAs finest musicans to give these direct-to-video adventures an epic, theatrical feel.  The album also features the vocals Summer’s Just Begun, How to Believe, Come Flying with Me, and How to Believe.

In this third part, Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) attends fairy camp in the meadows of England and discovers a fairy house made by a human child, Lizzie, where she gets trapped despite warnings from her friend Vidia.  While the fairies plot their rescue, Tinker Bell befriends Lizzie and they form a special bond.

Tinker Bell’s third film adventure featuring Joel McNeely music gets premiere CD soundtrack release on Disney/Intrada co-brand! “The majestic countryside of England meets the magical world of Pixie Hollow” is vivid description of score in booklet introduction by director Bradley Raymond. As with two previous Tinker Bell scores, McNeely creates magical, magnificent musical portrait of Tink’s world of wonder, adventure with full orchestral assist courtesy finest musicians in Los Angeles. Moments of magical melody trade with powerful episodes of action. In between are rich bars of sentiment, warmth, wonder. This time Tinker Bell attends English fairy camp, befriends human child Lizzie, gets trapped in fairy house. Rescue plans are soon underway. McNeely keeps pace with every moment of action and adventure with his array of orchestral color ranging from delicate celeste, flute and shimmering strings to pulse-racing flourishes for his entire orchestra. Dazzling music! Just two of many highlights: Rousing action of “We’re Going To Build A Boat”, gentle Vaughn Williams-style modality of “Tink And Lizzie Meet”. Deserving extra spotlight is masterful “Tink Wants To Leave/Launching The Boat”, which melds vernacular of above two highlights in one great sequence. In addition to McNeely score, CD also offers key songs “Summer’s Just Begun”, “How To Believe”, “Come Flying With Me”. Third Disney/Intrada co-brand in “Disney Fairies” series. Joel McNeely conducts.

I feel that Joel has made a special gift to me with Great Fairy Rescue’s score, because the film and its story is so personal to me…
— Bradley Raymond Director

Label: Disney/Intrada D002136702
Date: 2010
Time: 53:56
Tracks: 27



01. Introduction
02. Summer’s Just Begun (Cara Dillon)
03. Fairy Camp!
04. The Horseless Carriage
05. Curious Tink
06. Lizzy Builds Her Fairy House
07. Tink and Vidia Discover the Fairy House
08. Tink Is Captured
09. Trying to Escape
10. We’re Going to Build a Boat
11. Tink and Lizzy Meet
12. Tink Wants to Leave/Launching the Boat
13. How to Believe (Fairy Field Guide) (Holly Brooke)
14. Riding the Rapids

15. I’ll Never Forget You
16. Tink Returns
17. Fixing Leaks
18. Father Never Hs Time for Me
19. Lizzie Flies!
20. Father Discovers Tink/Vidia Is Captured
21. Flying to London
22. Race to Save Vidia
23. Father Believes
24. A Fairy Tea Party
25. Summer’s Just Begun (Reprise) (Cara Dillon)
26. How to Believe (EC Version) (Bridgit Mendler)
27. Come Flying with Me (Cara Dillon)