Music Composed by HANS APPELQVIST

MovieScore Media continues its championing of remarkable documentary scores with Hans Appelqvist’s music for The Raft. In 1973, five men and six women drifted across the Atlantic on a raft as part of a scientific experiment studying the sociology of violence, aggression and sexual attraction in human behavior. Through extraordinary archive material and a reunion of the surviving members of the expedition on a full scale replica of the raft, this film tells the hidden story behind what has been described as ‘one of the strangtalphest group experiments of all time.’ The soundtrack release coincides with the film’s Danish premiere on 5 September.

“The music had to be energetic and draw the audience into the film” says the composer about the film. “I did that by finding inspiration from old Hollywood movies, especially how harmony worked in those days with constant modulation going from one place to the next just over a few clips. I tried to update that approach and apply it to my score in order to surprise and captivate the audience. Another nod back to older days was the more puristic approach to the recording the music. No overdubbing and no synthesizers were allowed. Only acoustic instruments playing together in a good-sounding room.”

Swedish composer / artist / director Hans Appelqvist has been working in the field of music and film since  the early 2000s when he studied at the Royal Danish Conservatory to become a tonmeister. His more recent film scoring credits include Niki Lindroth von Bahr’s stop-motion animated musical short film The Burden and a silent score for Yasujirō Ozu’s I Was Born But…  for the Swedish Film Institute. Besides film music Hans has released five critically acclaimed albums, the first of which (Bremort) won the Best Pop Album of the Year Award by P3. His most recent album, Swimming Pool was released by American experimental label Orange Milk Records.

The soundtrack has a digital release date of  September 7, 2018.


1 Intro 3:31
2 The Raft 2:31
3 Departure 2:16
4 The Group 3:03
5 Questions 1:48
6 Pillow Fight 2:22
7 The Women 2:07
8 Flirts and Crew
9 Edna 1:43
10 Tree Drawing and the Shark 3:00
11 Maria and the Caribbean 1:41
12 The Meeting 3:35
13 Disappointment 2:43
14 The Rudder 2:23
15 Tears in the Ocean 2:42
16 Firing the Captain 1:33
16 Mutiny 1:33
17 The Freighter 2:48
18 Fever 2:52
19 End of Conversation 2:21
20 End Titles 3:54