Music Composed and Conducted by  Bruce Broughton

Premiere release of exciting Bruce Broughton soundtrack from Peter Hyam’s military crime thriller, set in San Francisco, starring Sean Connery, Mark Harmon, Meg Ryan. First of three pictures Broughton scored for Hyams, this one gave composer opportunities to write both strong main theme plus pulse-quickening action. Broughton launches with introspective, transparent four-note motif then moves to lean trumpet figure. Both ideas are reflective, offering cohesion that holds score together. Interestingly, brief trumpet idea is suggested throughout score but finally emerges into fully resplendent theme just once, for richly sonorous ending. But melody steps aside when action takes over. For chase sequences, Broughton creates propulsive rhythmic figures, then adds energetic, zigzagging staccato figures for trumpets in unison. Riveting trumpet parts playing above the fray are literally tour-de-force! Entire score plus alternates are presented courtesy Paramount Pictures. Sessions were made onto 32-track digital tape by Armin Steiner, then mixed directly to both digital and analog two-track stereo tape. Results are incredibly crisp, detailed! Special mention is due Broughton’s recording of Edwin Eugene Bagley’s famous “National Emblem” march. Stirring piece opens the film, Broughton records it outdoors for resounding, patriotic feel. A rewarding “extra”! Bruce Broughton conducts.


Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 298
Date: 1988
Time: 47:19
Tracks: 17


01. Main Title – Alternate (2:05)
02. The Lincoln/Patti Jean (1:40)
03. Car Chase (4:32)
04. Sgt. Garfield/Follow Me (1:43)
05. I’ll Call You/Tokarev Slug (0:38)
06. Empty Bottle/Phone Booth (1:15)
07. Chinatown Chase/The Car (3:48)
08. Your Fault (0:45)
09. Donna & Jay – Revised (3:10)
10. Tailing Spota – Revised No. 1 (3:48)
11. Waterhouse Fight (9:00)
12. Impatient To Say Goodbye/End Credits (4:54)
Total Score Time: 37:46

The Extras
13. Main Title – Original Version (2:05)
14. The Lincoln – Alternate (0:12)
15. Donna & Jay (2:00)
16. Tailing Spota – Revised No. 2 (3:48)
17. March “National Emblem” (Edwin Eugene Bailey) (1:11)
Total Extras Time: 9:23