Music Composed by MIKKEL MALTHA

With the ever expanding world of media music, MovieScore Media moves beyond the world of film scoring to explore the musical experience of a cinematic experience staged in the environment of a museum. Staged in the Moesgaard Museum, The Journey is a cinematic  exhibition about basic human conditions consisting of four rooms – a cave, a film universe with a water mirror, a reflection room and a space where you can travel with the help of virtual reality glasses. The audience is closed into groups for the film show, where they experience a staged journey through seven continents and focused on seven human basic conditions: Birth, love, faith, fear, loss, rationality and death.

The music by Mikkel Maltha accompanies the visitors from a child’s first breath in Denmark, through the experience of love in Africa, belief in South America, fear in Oceania, loss in North America, and rationality in Antarctica just to see the last breath being taken in Asia before the body is burned. As the composer explains: “The Journey is an amazing treat for a film composer. Seven scenes /cues each representing a fundamental state of humanity; stunning photography; and most intriguingly – no dialogue. The footage demands contemplation and reaction – resulting from my part in these very different pieces of music.”

Mikkel Maltha is the music supervisor at Zentropa Music where he worked on such hit films as Lars von Trier’s recent classics (Antichrist, Melancholia) or the Department Q series (The Keeper of Lost Causes, The Absent One, A Conspiracy of Faith – all three released by MovieScore Media). As a composer, his music can be heard in Om natten, Christian E. Christiansen’s short film which was nominated in the category of Best Live Action Short Film at the 2008 Academy Awards. His most recent score is Du Forsvinder(You Disappear) by Peter Schønau Fog which has just opened in Denmark.

Release date (digital): May 19, 2017

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1 Birth 1:59
2 Love 2:15
3 Fear 3:19
4 Loss 1:30
5 Faith 1:46
6 Rationality 1:31
7 Death Vol. 1 1:31
8 Death Vol. 2 1:38