Co-inciding with the November 5 premiere on BBC America, MovieScore Media releases the original score album for BBC’s high-concept spy series THE GAME  composed by Daniel Pemberton (the upcoming The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Ridley Scott’s The Counselor) in digital stores exclusively in the US and Canada. The album will then be released on CD and digitally in the rest of the world early 2015.

Daniel Pemberton recently won the prestigious Discovery of the Year Award at the World Soundtrack Awards in Ghent, Belgium, for his scores to Ridley Scott’s The Counselor (2013) and the comedy Cuban Fury (2014). The Game is the fifth album Daniel has released by MovieScore Media.

Working together with director Niall MacCormick for the second time after their BAFTA-winning collaboration on Complicit, Pemberton provides a score that evokes the sound of the 1970s with a few modern twists added to it. The basis of the score features strings, bass flutes, cimbalom and drums to evoke the classic jazz sound of early spy thrillers such as The Ipcress File andThe Conversation, but the sound palette has many unorthodox elements as well. By incorporating such unusual sounds as a sampled oscilloscope with an out of tune trombone or heavily treated scraped piano strings, the music for The Game tries to create a sonic world which pays tribute to the whole spy jazz genre, but also aims to delight fans of film music with a few unexpected solutions.

The Game is by writer/creator Toby Whitehouse (Being Human,Doctor Who) and Niall MacCormick. The six-episode spy thriller reignites the Cold War as the head of MI5 codenamed Daddy (Brian Cox) sets up a secret committee to investigate a Soviet plot. Operation Glass, which is revealed by a leaving KGB officer, involves a sleeper agent in Britain who is about to be re-activated as part of a secret mission. Each episode of the series follows the investigation of a possible traitor / sleeper agent; the possible suspects are played by actors like Paul Ritter, Victoria Hamilton and Tom Hughes.

Though Daniel Pemberton has been getting more involved in feature film scoring, Daniel has great experience in the field of television scoring, having worked on over 500 shows. Credits include countless award winning dramas and documentaries, amongst them Prey, Complicit, Space Dive, Peep Show,Desperate Romantics, Occupation, Upstairs Downstairs, Prehistoric Park and Hiroshima.

Previous Pemberton scores issued by MovieScore Media and ScreamWorks Records include the “Napoleon” and “Attila the Hun” episodes (the latter directed by Godzilla and upcoming Star Warsdirector Gareth Edwards) of the historical mini-series Heroes and Villains (2007), the supernatural The Awakening (2011) Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently (2012) and the police thriller Blood (2012). Currently Daniel has just finished recording the score to Guy Ritchie’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. film for Warner Bros.

MMS14039 • THE GAME (Original Television Soundtrack)
Release date (digital, USA and Canada only): November 4, 2014
Release date (digital, rest of world): February, 2015
Release date (CD): February, 2015

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1 Titles and Opening 3:04
2 I, Spy 2:35
3 Yulia’s Theme 2:43
4 Breaking the Boxes 2:27
5 Trailing the Suspect 2:14
6 Questioning 1:29
7 Pulsechase 1:55
8 The Fray 2:30
9 Canal Rendezvous Part 1 – Surveillance 2:07
10 Canal Rendezvous Part 2 – Pursuit 1:56
11 Restaurant Undercover 3:18
12 The Traitor 3;48
13 Operation Glass – Inception 2:16
14 Operation Glass – The Jigsaw 2:09
15 Operation Glass – Revealed 3:31
16 Odin 3:02
17 The Ballet Dancer 2:31
18 The Letter of Last Resort 2:32
19 The Chase 1:38
20 Flirtation 2:40
21 Betrayal 2:40