Featuring Original Music by Clinton Shorter

Lakeshore Records presents THE EXPANSE – Original Television Soundtrack, digitally on May 20th, featuring original music by Clinton Shorter
Hundreds of years in the future, humans have colonized the solar system. The U.N. controls Earth. Mars is an independent military power. The planets rely on the resources of the Asteroid Belt, where air and water are more precious than gold. For decades, tensions have been rising between these three places. Earth, Mars and the Belt are now on the brink of war. And all it will take is a single spark.

Clinton Shorter was hailed by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the “Young Composers to Watch.” His original music to the blockbuster, DISTRICT 9 was described by film critic Kirk Honeycutt as a “magnificent score.“  With almost a dozen feature films to his credit Clinton has also worked on over 300 episodes of television. The Award winning Vancouver native, developed a love for music at a young age. Clinton entered college as a music major specializing in Jazz Studies, but left to pursue writing music with an experimental rock trio only to return years later to study music composition and synthesis.

Clinton’s first break came when he landed a job as an assistant to a prolific Canadian Film and Television composer. After several years of honing his skills Clinton left to pursue projects of his own. His first film entitled COME TOGETHER turned out to be an indie hit and led to more work on the indie scene in Vancouver, including a short directed by Neill Blomkamp entitled ALIVE IN JOBURG, which was the catalyst for DISTRICT 9. Academy Award winning director Peter Jackson saw the short and came in as the producer of the feature with Blomkamp set as director. Peter Jackson referred to Shorterʼs music as a “brilliant score.”

Shorter followed his DISTRICT 9 success with the score to the Mark Wahlberg box office hit CONTRABAND, 2 GUNS starring Wahlberg and Denzel Washington and POMPEII starring Kit Harrington and Carrie-Ann Moss. In 2014 he turned his attention to television with the CBS series INTELLIGENCE and the Showtime series HOUSE OF LIES.  His television work also includes the CBS series Code Black, the USA series COLONY, numerous commercials, and original music for the Olympics. Clinton Shorter currently resides in Los Angeles.


1. The Expanse
2. Hostage
3. Signal
4. Welwala
5. Gone
6. Boarded
7. Ready To Talk
8. Remember The Cant
9. Tachi Station
10. Running
11. An Impossible Burden
12. Respite
13. Truth
14. A Lifetime of Losing
15. Anubis
16. Lionel Polanski
17. Lies and Love of Power
18. Father
19. Life