Prolific film music company MovieScore Media announces the launch of Soundtracks Live!, a new and innovative service devoted to bringing the best of film music to concert halls and film music events all over the world. Soundtracks Live! offers a regularly updated catalogue of concert programs devoted to innovative film music concepts, genres and composers of film music; film music repertoire consulting services as well as musical production including arranging and music preparation of film music for concert use. 
“The interest in film music in the concert world has exploded in the past decade. It is a logical step for progressive orchestras who are looking for exciting ways to widening their repertoire and appeal to new audiences,” comments Mikael Carlsson, the artistic director and producer of Soundtracks Live! “We have also seen a steady growth of festivals and events devoted to film music all over the world, another proof of the increase in awareness of film music and interest in experiencing the magic of cinematic orchestral music live.”

Collaborating with many of the most talented composers and conductors in the world of film music, the Soundtracks Live! catalogue offers featured conductors such as Joel McNeely (A Million Ways to Die in the West), Don Davis (The Matrix), Roque Baños (Evil Dead), Blake Neely (Arrow) and Nic Raine (long time orchestrator for John Barry). Current composers featured in the catalogue include Harry Gregson-Williams (Shrek) and Christopher Young (Hellraiser) with many more to come!

The Soundtracks Live! catalogue features three main concert series:

• Soundtrack Specials assembles innovative concepts and cinematic themes based around popular genres or other concepts (such as filmmakers).
• Soundtrack Stars focuses on the current stars of film music where some of the involved composers are also available as guest conductors.
• Soundtrack Legends is devoted to preserving and presenting the legacies of legendary Hollywood film composers.

All programs in the catalogue are flexible and adjustable in order to meet the specific demands of each client. Some of the already available programs include:
• Soundtrack Special: Soundtrack! – the flagship program in the Soundtracks Live! catalogue featuring the best of very current film music, constantly evolving to feature all the latest and hottest films and film scores.
• Soundtrack Special: Space Symphony – a concert focusing on great music from science fiction films, including music from the Star Wars and Alien series, with Don Davis, the composer of The Matrix, as the Soundtracks Live! featured conductor.
• Soundtrack Special: Chiller Concerto – a concert featuring a spine-chilling historic overview of horror film music ranging from Max Steiner’s King Kong to Roque Baños’ Evil Dead – the Spanish composer is the featured conductor of Soundtracks Live!

• Soundtrack Stars: Harry Gregson-Williams – a concert presenting the colourful scores of the composer behind the music for films such as ShrekThe Chronicles of Narnia andKingdom of Heaven, with the composer being the Soundtracks Live! featured conductor of the program.

• Soundtrack Legends: Elmer Bernstein – a concert devoted to the legendary composer of The Magnificent SevenThe Ten Commandments and Ghostbusters, produced in collaboration with Peter Bernstein, son of the composer.

“The film music repertoire is extremely rich and multi-faceted” says Mikael Carlsson about assembling the program. “However, we believe that the decision to perform film music live should be based on the artistic merits of the music itself – not only because of the commercial success of the film it was written for. To identify this music, and to find the balance in programming film music in concert is the true challenge. It’s a very specific competence which we are happy to be able to offer.”
Apart from offering innovative concepts for film music concerts, Soundtracks Live! offers film music repertoire consulting, arranging services and is the perfect partner for all orchestra libraries looking for specific film scores to be featured in their programming. Soundtracks Live! is very well-connected in the film music industry with a network that exceeds well over 500 composers in addition to numerous film studios, publishers and music rental agencies.
The official web site is available at and is destined to become the #1 film music concert resource for orchestras and concert halls worldwide.

EVIL DEAD SUITE – BEST OF FILM MUSIC 2012 – 2013 (FIMCPC 2013) from evolutiva on Vimeo.