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Music in Film at SoundTrack_Cologne: The composers of “Cloud Atlas”, “Fack ju Göhte”, “Wendy”, a workshop for music media conducting with Frank Strobel and two panels about team composing

With the composers Johnny Klimek (Cloud Atlas, Babylon Berlin), Beckmann (Fack ju Göhte)Tom Stöwer (Wendy), the film music conductor Frank Strobel and a panel about “team composing”, the line up for the topic “Music in Film” is now complete. They will join Volker Bertelmann (Lion), Lesley Barber (Manchester by the Sea) and the 2017 SoundTrack_Cologne Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Bruce Broughton (Silverado, Tombstone), who have previously been announced.

Australian Johnny Klimek is equally comfortable on the recording stage with the Berlin Philharmonic and in the electronic studio. Since he was active in the 90’s Trance/Ambient-Techno scene of Berlin, his scores have been inspired by the electronic underground. “Berlin” also marked the beginning of his long-time successful collaboration with composer Reinhold Heil and composing director Tom Tykwer. The worldwide success of Run, Lola, Run put them on the map under the name “Pale 3”; for the score of Cloud Atlas they were nominated  for a “Golden Globe”. They won the “European Film Prize” for the best film music for The Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Klimek is currently working on the music for the hipped new series Babylon Berlin.

Composers Beckmann and Tom Stöwer are going to talk about their project, the motion picture Wendy, in a Case Study. The multi media lecture sets its focus on scoring teams, score session planning, hybrid music production (electronic and orchestra/live instruments), editing and mixing as well as calculation. Beckmann worked for more than 180 films as composer or music consultant, the very successful German production Fack ju Göhte among them. Tom Stöwer, winner of the “Franz Grothe” Prize for Film Music orchestrated for international successful movies like Look Who’s Back and The Physician.

Also, Women in Film and Television WIFT will discuss the topic “Team Composing – Chances and Challenges”. The market for film and TV series often requires fast working, not only for authors, but also for composers. Which possibilities and challenges offers teamwork? What is the best way to find partners for this work and what are the advantages of a good international network for the cooperation? The composers Lesley Barber, Carly Paradis (Line of Duty), Tina Pepper (You are Wanted) and Music Supervisor Sarah Bridge (The Theory of Everything), will talk about this topics in a panel chaired by Cornelia Köhler (WIFT Germany).

Frank Strobel is one of the pioneers of the film in concert movement. With the help of his dedication, the silent movie concert became part of many opera and concert halls’ repertoires. The experienced conductor, arranger, producer and studio musician is artistic director and co-founder of the Europäische FilmPhilharmonie, a concert and production company for film music. At SoundTrack_Cologne, he will teach a workshop about Conducting for Media Musicthat is connected with the rehearsals for the silent movie concert “Jeanne Ney – Eine Liebe” (“Jeanne Ney – One Love”) with the WDR Funkhausorchester, that is conducted by him.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Bruce Broughton is one of the most successful and appreciated American composers for film, TV and games. His score to the western Silverado was nominated for an “Academy Award”. With 24 nominations, he won the “EMMY” a record of 10 times. His score for Heart of Darkness was the first recorded orchestral score for a video game.

For the score of LionHauschka aka Volker Bertelmann, together with Dustin O’Halloran was nominated for an “Academy Award”, a “Golden Globe”, a “BAFTA“ and a “Critics’ Choice Award”. Bertelmann composed for more than 22 movies, including James Franco’s In Dubious Battle and Glück (“Luck”) by Doris Dörrie.

Amongst the award winning movies that Lesley Barber composed the music for, she most recently scored Kenneth Lonergan’s Oscar nominated drama Manchester by the Sea, which received euphoric critical praise.