Coinciding with the film’s world premiere in the Berlin International Film Festival, MovieScore Media’s cross-continental mission to release the most exciting film scores presents an unusual meeting of cultures: a Danish composer scoring a  Brazilian movie about two Nigerian brothers. Directed by Matias Mariani, Shine Your Eyes tells the story of Lagos-born musician Amadi (O.C. Ukeje), who travels to Brazil in order to locate his estranged brother Ikenna (Chukwudi Iwuji). While tracing his brother’s footsteps in South America, Amadi learns that his sibling not only lied about his job, but has actually grown delusional of his get rich schemes that could jeopardize his life…

It was clear from the beginning that the film needed a strong musical presence, mainly to help bringing out Amadi’s feelings from being merely observant to feeling more frustrated and even hurt by discovering the double-life of his brother, Ikenna. Since the two brothers are used to play together in a band back in Nigeria, I let the score discretely echo this by using electric guitars with a sound that comes close the very idiomatic West-African highlife guitar sound. The other main element is the Lithuanian wind instrument called birbynė, which I used to build a nostalgic connection between the brothers and their culture without getting to ‘ethnic‘. The way you can play the birbynė and bend the notes makes it sound like something familiar (the clarinet) and something rather unusual at the same time.”

Danish composer Flemming Nordkrog has been writing music to accompany motion pictures since 1996. Over the years, it has amounted to more than 100 productions – from feature films, short fiction to documentaries and TV-series. Since 200 Flemming Nordkrog has started to work internationally, and has worked on several projects in France, Belgium and USA. His recent credits include Philippe Lioret’s Le fils de Jean, the French-Tunisian film Arab Blues by Manele Labidi and the Arnaud Malherbe’s new television series Moloch for Arte. His latest release with the label is the Danish fantasy film Wildwitch.

Release date (digital): February 22, 2020


1 Shine Your Eyes 2:34
2 This Is the Face of Your Chi 1:48
3 9-1-6-9 2:04
4 In My Dream I Can Read the Hologram 2:42
5 Time Only Flows When the Story Is Told 3:36
6 With the Other Eye He Was Looking Somewhere Far 2:22
7 He Didn’t Give It to Me, He Left It Here 1:48
8 You Didn’t Exit in This Parallel Universe 1:35
9 Don’t Think, Just Write 2:59
10 I Am Deep Within You 2:20
11 It’s Morning and It’s Raining Very Softly 2:10
12 An Invisible City on the Other Side of the Ocean 5:29