Music Composed by WALTER MAIR

Created by the producers of Senna and the Academy Award-winning Amy, MovieScore Media’s latest release is the music for Universal’s documentary feature, Ronaldo. Focusing on the career of the world’s most popular football player, BAFTA winning director Anthony Wonke creates a fascinating portrait of a living legend whose career starts from humble beginnings in Madeira and concludes with the 2014 UEFA Champions League finals where he scored an all-important goal to help his team, Real Madrid to earn its 10th goal. The music for Ronaldo is provided by Austrian-born composer Walter Mair.

“Anthony was drawn to one of my previous film scores and wanted a melodically strong score which also makes use of electronic sounds to create a unique sense of atmosphere.” explains the composer. “The music had to bridge Ronaldo’s early childhood with his adult life as the world’s best player; his childhood was riddled with life defying moments and the music needed to be sparse and intimate in the early stages and become cinematic and epic in scope without overpowering the picture. The ‘family theme’ I developed becomes the theme of bond between a father and a son, climaxing in the early death of Ronaldo’s father. Ronaldo himself is driven by the inner urge to deliver only the best results and achieve the impossible, and all these emotions needed to be reflected in a much deeper layer musically.”

Hailing from Austria, Walter Mair graduated in music composition for orchestra at Vienna University with a major in music composition for motion pictures from Salzburg University. Composing in his state-of-the-art recording studio in Soho, London, Mair’s music has most recently been heard in Toby Tobias’ thriller Blood Orange starring Ben Lamb and Iggy Pop; and edgy television drama series such as BBC 1’s Cuffs from the producers of Ripper Street and E4’s teen drama mini-series Glue written by Jack Thorne (Skins) and directed by Daniel Nettheim (Doctor Who, The Hunter).His music can also be heard in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto video games, Sony’s sci-fi franchise Killzone, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction and The Creative Assembly’s Total War series. He recently completed scoring Oliver Hirschbiegel’s (Downfall) 6-part cold war drama, The Same Sky, coming to Netflix in 2017.

MMS16016 • 
Release date (digital): November 25, 2016


1 Cristiano Ronaldo 4:30
2 In the Morning 2:33
3 The Big Day 4:48
4 Growing Up 2:18
5 The Manager 1:27
6 Arriving On Match Day 1:48
7 Defeat 2:23
8 Journey of Emotions 2:33
9 Losing the Game 1:05
10 Bouncing Back 1:27
11 The Funeral 1:52
12 From Father to Father 1:07
13 Family 2:00
14 A Silent Person Wins More
15 Trust in Family 1:23
16 Competition Makes You Better 3:38
17 Ambitions for a Bright Future 2:34
18 Card Inside an Envelope 1:42
19 The Trophy 1:26