Music Composed by CHRISTIAN HENSON

MovieScore Media marks its latest collaborations with composer Christian Henson with the simultaneous release of two scores he wrote for the films of director Jon Wright: ROBOT OVERLORDS and GRABBERS. The soundtracks are released to coincide with the UK premiere of Robot Overlords, the third collaboration between director Wright and composer Henson. Starring Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley, Robot Overlords is set in a dystopian future where Earth has been conquered by powerful robots from a distant galaxy. The human survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by robot sentries if they move outside their designated homes. A revolt ensues…

ROBOT OVERLORDS’ score is a hybrid of electronic and orchestral elements, written from the perspective of the child protagonists. The music dares to be bombastic and overpowering, or as the composer put it, he wrote what sounds true for those kids who grew up under the robot yoke. As Henson explains: “A lot of modern action scores today are descriptive by merely creating a musical impression of what is onscreen. We tried to populate the score with ‘the truth’ for all the players – this means when we are scary, we’re impossibly horrific. When we’re tragic, all is is lost. And when we’re heroic, we’re totally shameless. And like all kids, we had the ability to turn our emotions on a six-pence in the moment.”

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Release date (digital): March 24, 2015
Release date (CD): April 14, 2015


1 The Overlords 2:26
2 A Sorry State of Affairs 2:06
3 They Mean Business 2:47
4 Smythe 1:54
5 Mother Earth 2:01
6 Escape! 1:40
7 Stealth Activities 3:25
8 Dad
9 Fond Memories 2:26
10 The Watchmaker 1:59
11 Brain Scan 2:36
12 Bunsen Burners 1:41
13 More Stealth Activity 3:00
14 To the Edge of Town 1:42
15 Scanning 1:23
16 Robot Mischief 2:02
17 Sean Takes Control 2:01
18 Smythe’s Grand Plan 2:50
19 A Close Shave! 4:06
20 The Standing Stones 1:57
21 Sean Takes to the Skies 1:57
22 So You Can Fly? 2:14
23 On a Hero’s Collision Course 2:21
24 The Wood-Folk 2:37
25 Sean Accesses the Mainframe 3:38
26 Finale 3:09