Featuring Original Music Composed By Ramin Djawadi

Varèse Sarabande will release the PERSON OF INTEREST SEASONS 3&4 – Original Television Soundtrack digitally and on CD February 12, 2016. The album features the original music composed by Ramin Djawadi (GAME OF THRONES, IRON MAN).

“The PERSON OF INTEREST Season 3 & 4 soundtrack is a natural development of season 1 & 2 and showcases the evolution of the show,” said Djawadi.  “The album contains variations on existing themes, as well as new themes such as the dark ‘Brotherhood’, ‘Martine’, and ‘Vigilance’.”

Ramin Djawadi is known for his melodic and memorable thematic scores. His compositions vary stylistically between classical orchestral, electronic, rock and modern genres. Ramin blends elements with careful consideration to the emotionality and narrative of each scene. His ‘Main Title Theme’ from the critically acclaimed HBO’s series, GAME OF THRONES, has become one of the most iconic television themes in years. In addition to the shows’ main title theme, Ramin has composed all of the underscore throughout all five of its seasons and he is currently writing the music for the sixth season, set to premiere April, 2016.  Djawadi is currently collaborating with PERSON OF INTEREST’s creator Jonah Nolan on the new HBO series WESTWORLD set to release in 2016.

Djawadi is currently working with Guillermo del Toro on the third season of THE STRAIN after having scored his epic monster film, PACIFIC RIM.  Other works include Fox PRISON BREAK, ABC’s FLASH FORWARD which he received an Emmy® nomination for “Outstanding Music Composition for a Series.” He received his first Emmy® nomination for “Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music” for PRISON BREAK and his third Emmy® nomination for GAME OF THRONES.  He is well recognized for his Grammy®-nominated, guitar-driven score for the blockbuster IRON MAN and has since composed scores for films such as DRACULA UNTOLD, SAFE HOUSE, FRIGHT NIGHT and CLASH OF THE TITANS. Ramin previously created the ethereal score for the film MR. BROOKS starring Kevin Costner and William Hurt. The score earned him a World Soundtrack Awards “Discovery of the Year” nomination.

PERSON OF INTEREST is a crime thriller about an ex-CIA agent and a mysterious billionaire who prevent violent crimes by utilizing an all-seeing machine that can predict the events before they happen. Although John Reese and Harold Finch have successfully prevented numerous crimes thanks to The Machine’s omniscience, the team was unable to stop the malevolent artificial intelligence known as Samaritan from coming online. Brought to life by Greer, head of the private technology corporation Decima, Samaritan has the full power of the U.S. government behind it and is using those resources to hunt Finch, Reese and the hacker, known as Root. The trio, along with Det. Lionel Fusco, suffered a major loss when Samaritan’s operatives wounded and captured Sameen Shaw, their comrade-in-arms. Upon gaining full autonomy, Samaritan set its sights on destroying The Machine, which now exists only as a few lines of source code in a briefcase held by the team. On the run and without access to The Machine’s intel, the team must find a way to continue saving lives as they attempt to reboot The Machine and fight back against impossible odds.

“The producers wanted the score to reflect the maturing plot line, and for the theme development to coincide with the character development,” Djawadi described. “The music differs from the previous seasons because season 3 & 4 present a darker, more evolved story.  We record with a 20-piece string orchestra. The size and tone of this ensemble enhances the score and ultimately has become an integral part of the PERSON OF INTEREST sound. A great fit for this electronic-orchestral score.”

The fifth season of PERSON OF INTEREST will air this spring on CBS. Varèse Sarabande will release the PERSON OF INTEREST SEASONS 3&4 – Original Television Soundtrack digitally and on CD February 12, 2016.


1. Analogue Interface (2:28)
2. Pursuit Of Liberty (3:31)
3. End Game (2:41)
4. Game Over (4:50)
5. Control (1:44)
6. The Bridge (4:02)
7. Finch Takes Flight (2:08)
8. Samaritan (4:26)
9. International Man Of Mystery (1:51)
10. Nothing To Hide (2:03)
11. The Devils Share (3:26)
12. Martine (2:30)
13. Deus Ex Machina (3:08)
14. The Brotherhood (1:38)
15. Jury Summons (3:44)
16. If Then Else (3:04)
17. Til Death Do Us Part (2:17)
18. The Gangs Of New York (2:07)
19. Can You Hear Me (2:47)
20. Reese On Ice (6:38)
21. Veni Vidi Vici (3:01)
22. Iris (1:33)
23. YHWH (3:28)
24. Core Code (5:01)