Music Composed by GEORGE KALLIS

MovieScore Media once again teams up with composer George Kallis (Albion The Enchanted StallionGagarin: First in Space), who paints a musical portrait of a true legend of the football world – legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin, The Dream Goalkeeper. As one of the first keepers to leave his goal and help his defense actively, Yashin revolutionized his post and was honored with a Ballon d’Or, the only goalkeeper to do so. Directed by Vasiliy Chiginskiy and starring Aleksandr Fokin, the movie depicts Yashin’s life from humble beginnings to becoming a legend of Dynamo Moscow and the feared Black Spider of the national team of the Soviet Union. The physical version is released concurrently by KeepMoving Records.

As a tribute to the film scoring style of the 1960s, George Kallis developed a plethora of themes developed for the story. The love theme between Lev and his wife Valya is expressed by a tender love motif heard in “’Lev and Valya“. Yashin’s stature as a legend gets introduced rather modestly and briefly at first in “Yakushin’s Advice“ and ‘Fishing and Remembering’ before returning in its full orchestral arrangement on ‘Alone by the Goalpost’. Another motive for Yashin himself can be heard on ‘Ballon d’Or’ and in the second half of ‘Alone by the Goalpost’. Finally, ‘Mirroring Khomich’ (the previous Dynamo Moscow goalkeeper) and ‘Training’ offer a propulsive idea reflecting on Yashin’s constant need to improve himself by pushing himself to the very edge of physical and mental capabilities.

George Kallis earned a musical scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston and represented his alma mater on an NBC special about film music in his final year. After relocating to London, he followed up his Bachelor’s Degree with a Masters of Music in Composition at The Royal College of Music. His first important score was written for Highlander: The Source, the fourth installment of the fantasy franchise. Since then, he has written epic scores for the ebola crisis (93 Days), the magical kingdom of Albion (Albion: The Enchanted Stallion) and even his native Greece (Cliffs of Freedom). He has also ventured into the world of Russian cinema with Gagarin: First in Space and Disney’s The Last Warrior.

Release date (digital): March 27, 2020
Release date (CD – Keepmoving Records): March 27, 2020


1 Driving Through Moscow 2:00
2 Dynamo vs Torpedo 2:06
3 Valya’s Handshake 1:27
4 Yakushin’s Advice 2:52
5 Mirroring Khomich 1:14
6 Writing on a Ball 1:43
7 European Champions 4:46
8 Lev and Valya 1:26
9 Flashback: The Loss in Chile 3:01
10 Arriving Back Home 1:35
11 The Loss Was Down to Yashin 4:28
12 Mon Premier Amour 1:21
13 Rock Through the Window 2:23
14 Training 1:38
15 Fishing and Remembering 1:55
16 Ballon d’Or 3:36
17 Farewell 1:46
18 Alone by the Goalpost 2:49
19 Best in History 1:44