Conducted by NICHOLAS DODD

Original soundtrack from sci-fi/mystery directed by Richie Mehta, starring John Paul Ruttan, Gillian Anderson, Rufus Sewell, Haley Joel Osment, scripted by director Mehta. Composer Andrew Lockington (Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters) creates richly textured score for strings, piano, harp plus percussion and select winds.

First half develops numerous ideas courtesy deliberately-paced lines. Seven-note melodic idea with tinge of wistful romance takes center stage. Accessible yet still austere harmonic vocabulary keeps mystery in focus. Gentle thoughts for piano trade with more complex figures, then during second part of “Dreams Of Absence”, new melodic ideas emerge with striking, major-chord sonorities. Near mid-point of score (“Death And Sunlight”), new rhythmic figures in cellos usher in momentum. “Timeline” furthers rhythm while forward motion of “To Meet Einstein” solidifies new direction of score. Subsequent cues balance both mysterious ideas, rhythmic elements. “Time Traveller” deserves special spotlight for allowing cello rhythms to remain ever-present underneath piano chords, upper string lines. Cool sound! When all is said and done, Lockington brings all of his ideas into play with impressive closing sequence, “Home Early” before wrapping with gentle piano figure and quiet string unison. Beautiful!

Composer Andrew Lockington is no newcomer to the sci-fi and fantasy realm.  He burst into the consciousness of soundtrack fans with his music for the Jules Verne adaptations Journey to the Center of the Earth and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, as well as City of Ember, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and this summer’s San AndreasFor the more philosophical I’ll Follow You Down that left the special effects behind and let the compelling story take center stage,Lockington followed suit and eschewed the epic sound of his earlier work and took a more introspective approach. “The score for I’ll Follow You Down is the culmination of hundreds of hours of philosophical, moral and scientific discussions with my long-time friend [director] Richie Mehta,” says Lockington.  As a result, the score reflects the themes and emotions of the characters as they first traverse the mystery and then as the critical time travel mechanism allows them to resolve the mystery.

The score combines piano, harp and chamber strings with eclectic percussion and winds and was recorded at Air Studios in London.

Haley Joel Osmet plays Erol, the son of a scientist who disappears on a business trip, leaving him and his mother (Gillian Anderson) to cope (or not cope as it comes to be) with their loss.  With his grandfather’s help, Erol soon discovers his father’s experiments with time travel which has the key to unlocking everything.

Recorded at AIR Lyndhurst Studios (London). Andrew Lockington composes, Nicholas Dodd orchestrates, conducts.

Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 334
Date: 2013
Time: 48:50
Tracks: 17
01. Chess (2:41)
02. Tree Whispers (1:14)
03. Back Of The Drawer (1:18)
04. Princeton (1:08)
05. Dreams Of Absence (2:49)
06. Parallel Universe (4:19)
07. How We Met (3:15)
08. Night Whispers (3:27)
09. Death And Sunlight (5:14)
10. False Hope (1:30)
11. Timeline (1:05)
12. To Meet Einstein (4:05)
13. I’ll Stop (3:29)
14. Earthquake (3:27)
15. Time Traveller (2:30)
16. Safeguards (1:53)
17. Home Early (5:18)