Featuring Original Music by Kevin Riepl

Notefornote Music has digitally released HIGHER POWER – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack today, June 15th and will release the CD version on June 29th. The album will feature the Sci-Fi film’s original score by award-winning composer Kevin Riepl. Higher Power was released in theaters on May 11th and is also available OnDemand.

Kevin Riepl on creating the music: “The score for Higher Power involved blending all aspects of instruments and sounds. Live orchestra, modular synths, and sound design are all part of the palette, which helped create a large cinematic experience for the viewer. I’ve done a decent amount of films and shorts in the Sci-Fi genre, I’d have to say this one is my most aggressive. One thing that stands out in the score is the deep low distorted muffled percussion/drums, which denote an important signature motif throughout the score. I decided purposely to create the main percussive elements to be muffled and distorted to help convey the root motivation, anger and drive of Joe, the main character.

Collaboration with the director Matthew Santoro was integral. Part of his vision for the score was to incorporate a symbolic line of dialogue from the story into the music. So throughout the film, there are rhythmic motifs and passages that reflect this thematic line of dialogue. This musical element was quite unique to my usual creative process and served as a great jumping off point for some of the cues throughout the film.”

Founded in 2016, Notefornote Music is a label specializing in releasing high quality soundtracks by up and coming and established film composers. We specialize in releasing indie film scores that bigger labels may overlook. Notefornote Music also releases deluxe and reissued editions of special soundtracks for the film music aficionado as well as casual fans of the movies. We are proudly distributed throughout North America by MVD Entertainment.

When the Universe decides what it wants, it’s pointless to resist. With his family’s life at stake, Joseph Steadman finds himself the unwilling test subject of a maniacal scientist in a battle that could save the world, or destroy it.

Directed by Matthew Charles Santoro

Starring: Ron Eldard, Colm Feore, Jordan Hinson, Marielle Jaffe, Austin Stowell

Kevin Riepl is an award-winning composer writing for multiple entertainment genres. His engaging orchestral, hybrid and atmospheric scores have enhanced numerous films & TV series such as the BATMAN: UNLIMITED films, CABIN FEVER (2016 reboot), THE NIGHT CREW, JUSTICE LEAGUE: ACTION, ABCs OF DEATH, CONTRACTED and GET THE GIRL.

In addition to scoring film festival winners and genre cult films such as the emotional sci-fi short HENRI (starring Keir Dullea) and Wes Ball’s stunning concept film, RUIN, Kevin Riepl is also renowned for composing the epic, signature scores for blockbuster video games including GEARS OF WAR, the UNREAL series, ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES, BATTLEBORN and many more.

Kevin Riepl has distinguished himself from his peers with his ability to craft engaging atmospheres and rousing scores that not only complement and enhance the numerous film, game and television projects he has worked on, but are also recognized and praised by gamers and moviegoers alike. His music ranges from emotive, energetic and rhythmic to macabre and otherworldly.


1. Hello Doctor (3:13)
2. Barrel Of A Gun (1:52)
3. Main Titles (3:12)
4. Beach Lighthouse (2:44)
5. Observation (4:15)
6. Ground Teams (0:43)
7. Fate Page (1:27)
8. One Year Chip (2:38)
9. Not Going Anywhere (2:21)
10. The Implant (4:57)
11. Link Established (3:04)
12. Next Assignment (1:28)
13. Charles Margrey (3:14)
14. Drones (2:14)
15. 4 Minutes (2:39)
16. Transfiguration (2:45)
17. Aftermath (4:10)
18. You’ll Need Your Gun (1:26)
19. Joe’s Power (2:54)
20. Unstoppable (4:30)
21. In Custody (0:59)
22. He’s Got A Bomb (1:30)
23. In Pursuit (2:30)
24. The Shipyard (2:52)
25. He’s Tracing Us (1:23)
26. Joe Arrives (2:35)
27. It’s Time (3:39)
28. Joe’s Final Form (4:04)
29. Cosmic Event (2:36)