Music Composed by Pascal Gaigne

The new collaboration between prestigious French composer Pascal Gaigne (Castillos de cartón, Amaren Eskuak, The Last Days of Lucifer, Loreak) and film director Iciar Bollain.

El Olivo tells the story of Alma, a 20 years old girl who works in a chicken farm by the village of Canet, on the East coast of Spain. She has a profound connection with her dearly beloved Grandfather, despite the fact he stopped talking years ago. But when he starts to refuse food as well, Alma becomes obsessed with an idea: the only way to save her Grandfather is to recover the two-thousand-year-old olive tree that the family uprooted and sold 12 years ago against his will.

Pascal Gaigne has written a very emotional, sensitive, minimalist score. Performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra under the baton of David Hernando Rico, where different soloists act as the inner voices of the characters—especially piano, strings and accordion.

This album, released by Quartet Records,  represents, once again, the powerful and unique voice of Pascal Gaigne within the contemporary European film music community. Being El Olivo a short score, the album includes as a bonus tracks a selection of the previous works of the Gaigne-Bollain collaboration: Katmandú, un espejo en el cielo, the documentary En tierra extraña, and the complete and previously unreleased score for Flores de otro mundo.



El olivo (2016)
01. Part 1 (7:47)
02. Part 2 (4:01)
03. Part 3 (3:54)
04. Part 4 (4:03)
05. Part 5 (3:06)
Katmandú, un espejo en el cielo (2012)
06. Katmandú (8:08)
07. Carta desde Barcelona (2:19)
08. Un espejo en el cielo (4:47)
09. Sharmila (2:53)
10. Espiritu libre (3:57)
11. Sin comida (3:50)
12. Sucumbasi (2:03)
En tierra extraña (2014)
13. Fabulae (2:39)
Flores de otro mundo (2000)
14. Flores de otro mundo (2:42)
15. Se va Milady (1:38)
16. Damián y Patricia (1:28)
17. Janay (1:27)
18. Dos Caballos 1 (0:54)
19. Rosí (0:51)
20. Invernadero (1:06)
21. Dos Caballos 2 (1:13)
22. Paisajes Nevados (0:39)
23. Ruinas (1:07)
24. Pueblo Abandonado (3:45)
25. Ruptura (1:29)
26. Tejados (1:25)