MovieScore Media once again teams up with David Stone Hamilton on the composer’s latest collaboration with director Carl Strathie. While their previous movie, Solis, was an exciting thriller set in outer space, Dark Encounter has a more somber tone with supernatural elements. The film follows a grieving family who has yet to learn the truth about the mysterious disappearance of their 8 year-old girl. When strange lights appear in the nearby forest, the family is exposed to an inexplicably strange phenomenon that rattles them to the core. The origin of the lights appear to be visitors from another world that may be related to the mystery that shattered the family.

We wanted the score to explore themes of guilt and loss, and have music reflect the way tragedy can tear a family apart,” explains David about the film. ”When visitors from another world appear in the form of strange lights, we used avant-garde vocals to evoke a sense of terror and mystery, while hinting at a very human aspect in these extraterrestrial encounters. As the true purpose of the alien presence is revealed, the vocals transform into heavenly choral textures and the orchestra likewise becomes much grander in scale. We wanted this contrast in musical style and instrumentation to signal a major shift in the story, while using strong emotional themes as a common thread throughout the film.”

Emerging L.A.-based composer David Stone Hamilton has already shown his diversity in film scoring through projects like the horror Gremlin, the family adventure The Adventures of Jurassic Pet and the (unrelated) dinosaur-themed action film Jurassic Games.  His upcoming projects include Voices, directed by Nathaniel Nuon and The Adventures of RUFUS: The Fantastic Pet, directed by Ryan Bellgardt. His score for Carl Strathie’s Solis has been released by MovieScore Media.

Release date (digital): November 2, 2019


1 Opening 1:43
2 One Year Later 3:22
3 Lights in the Sky 3:20
4 Forest Encounter 7:51
5 Grief Is Blinding 2:48
6 They’re in the Basement 4:59
7 Something Is Happening 2:32
8 Road Encounter 2:25
9 Olivia 1:00
10 They’re Still Here 2:07
11 The Sheriff 2:00
12 Through Time 2:17
13 Dark Encounter 7:33
14 Repercussions 2:30
15 Transience 12:00
16 End Titles 3:05