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Intro | Rearranging Furniture (BY THE SEA) – Gabriel Yared

I Don’t Like This Game (BY THE SEA) – Gabriel Yared

Anathemata (TESTAMENT OF YOUTH) – Max Richter

I Will Not Forget You (TESTAMENT OF YOUTH) – Max Richter

Reflections (CAROL) – Carter Burwell

Lovers (CAROL) – Carter Burwell

Ils Resteront Trois (EN MAI FAIS CE QUI’L TE PLAIT) – Ennio Morricone

Main Theme | Little Love Scene (TERRITORY) – Tuomas Kantelinen

Mother Russia (TERRITORY) – Tuomas Kantelinen

Worlds Apart Suite (WORLDS APART) – Kostas Christides

Hunting The Wolves (WOLF TOTEM) – James Horner

Fellinia (THE FACE OF AN ANGEL) – Harry Escott

A Little Chaos (A LITTLE CHAOS) – Peter Gregson

Two Loves (THE WALK) – Alan Silvestri

Moth (THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY) – Cat’s Eyes

Black Madonna (THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY) – Cat’s Eyes

L’Ultima Diligenza Di Red Rock, Version Integrale (THE HATEFUL EIGHT) – Ennio Morricone

Main Title (TRUTH) – Brian Tyler

Transcendence (TRUTH) – Brian Tyler

Lili’s Death (THE DANISH GIRL) – Alexandre Desplat

Love Theme (FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD) – Craig Armstrong

Opening (FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD) – Craig Armstrong

Spot (MACBETH) – Jed Kurzel

The Dagger (MACBETH) – Jed Kurzel

Abandon Ship (IN THE HEART OF THE SEA) – Roque Banos

Remembering (FREEHELD) – Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr

Change The World (STEVE JOBS) – Daniel Pemberton

No Drugs, No Murder (BLACK MASS) – Tom Holkenborg

Boston Globe (BLACK MASS) – Tom Holkenborg

The Beast (SICARIO) – Johann Johannsson

Melancholia (SICARIO) – Johann Johannsson

Adonis (CREED) – Ludwig Göransson

If I Fight, You Fight (CREED) – Ludwig Göransson