Atlantis: The Last Days of Kaptara

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Composed by PETER BATEMAN

Atlantis: The Last Days of Kaptara is the retelling of a classic tale from Greek mythology. It is about a prince of the ancient city of Athens, Theseus, who engages in a brutal and epic battle with the dark, fearsome and foreboding Minotaur. The fascinating and exciting story is brought to life by the use of computer generated animation by Mind’s Eye Studio who with this project embark on their first feature length movie. The musical score for the movie is the work of composer Peter Bateman, who has fashioned a powerful and lavish sounding soundtrack, which is filled to overflowing with strong and infectious thematic material.  Fulsome and forceful brass is combined with sweeping and fervent strings that are in turn both embellished and supported by booming percussion and given the location and also the time in which the story is set, the composer employs an array of ethnic instrumentation and distinct sounding vocals which brings credence, authenticity and substance to the soundtrack. A real powerhouse score. Not to be missed.

MMS14006/KRONCD039 • ATLANTIS: THE LAST DAYS OF KAPTARA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by PETER BATEMAN
Release date (digital): February 25, 2014
Release date (CD): March 4, 2014


1 Prologue 2:39
2 Sacrifice 4:57
3 Parade 2:59
4 March of the Consecrated 2:31
5 Barbarians 2:57
6 Ariadne Visits / March to the Scaffold 2:26
7 Stealing a Kiss 1:53
8 Falling Floors 0:47
9 Chased by the Athenians 1:56
10 Traitor / First Kill 1:41
11 Entry Into the Garden 1:19
12 A Beast Among Them 4:51
13 Blacking Out / Mixed Emotions 2:44
14 New Resolve / Gruesome Offering 2:24
15 We Must Kill That Demon 1:18
16 The Minotaur Chases Calisto 2:29
17 The Plan Goes Wrong 5:00
18 A Proper Greek Burial 3:00
19 Searching the Labyrinth 1:59
20 Confronting the Minotaur 1:34
21 Show-down / Rescuing Ariadne 1:50
22 Sneaking Through the Palace 2:05
23 Swordfight with Talos 1:55
24 Beheading the Minotaur 2:16
25 Fleeing Kaptara 2:30
26 Parted By the Sea 1:18
27 Back to Athens! 2:10

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