Music Composed by THOMAS E ROUCH

MovieScore Media ventures down under with the soundtrack release of the Australian sci-fi film Alpha Gateway (aka The Gateway) with music by Thomas E Rouch. Co-written and directed by John V. Soto, the film tells the story of Jane Chandler (Jacqueline McKenzie), a particle physicist grieving over the loss of her husband Matt (Myles Pollard) who had died in a car crash. Or had he? When Jane travels to a parallel world, she finds him again, but the initially joyful discovery will have dire consequences for her family….

“While very much a sci-fi film, our central characters journey is driven by a deep emotional desire, ” explains composer Thomas E Rouch. “It was important to me that the music really united the awe and scale of the science with the personal nature of her quest. To that end I was always seeking to find the balance in every cue, between light and dark, power and emotion, personal and universal.”

MMS18013 • 
Release date (digital): July 13, 2018


1 Alpha Gateway 3:36
2 Some Would Call That Magic 2:59
3 Matt and Jane 2:43
4 The Accident 2:38
5 Ted Mark’s Theory 3:26
6 That’s You 2:20
7 Today’s the Day 2:49
8 You’re Supposed to Be Dead 2:15
9 Greetings 1:50
10 Matt’s Back 2:05
11 Grandma’s Visit 1:20
12 Home Sweet Home 3:29
13 It’s Different Here 2:12
14 A Violent Kiss 2:10
15 Cat and Mouse 5:10
16 Samantha’s Room 4:02
17 The Other Jane 4:16
18 The Drawing 1:30
19 He’s Got My Kids 2:02
20 Using My Initiative 2:54
21 A Crazy Week 2:38
22 Another World and Epilogue 2:40