The After We Fell Original Motion Picture Score by George Kallis (Cliffs of FreedomThe Last Warrior: The Root of Evil) is now available digitally from Supercoolsounds. The romance drama is the third installment in the highly popular After film series, based on the best-selling novels by Anna Todd. The first film in the franchise, After, debuted at No. 1 at the box office in 17 international territories and grossed more than $70 million worldwide. Director Castille Landon asked George to create a musical score that captures the deep sense of growth and maturity the main characters have achieved since the first film. The elevated sound palette in After We Fell features piano, electronic elements, and live orchestra. The stunning soundtrack is available now on streaming platforms, in anticipation of the film’s international release on September 1 and U.S. theatrical release on September 30, courtesy of Voltage Pictures and Vertical Entertainment. After We Fell stars Josephine Langford (Tessa Young) and Hero Fiennes Tiffin (Hardin Scott) and follows the first two films: After (2019) and After We Collided (2020), continuing the complicated and intoxicating romance between the young tumultuous lovers. In the third film, Tessa and Hardin have endured so much during their relationship, but now they face some of the biggest changes and challenges of their lives. Tessa graduates from college and prepares to move to Seattle for her dream job at Vance Publishing. Though she begs Hardin to come with her, he resists and offers an alternative: to move to London, where they can build a future together. Of the soundtrack, George says, “In my initial discussions with Castille [director], we agreed that the overall musical soundscape should not stray too far away from what is already familiar to the fans, but simultaneously we had to find a way to re-invent the music to reflect the couple as they go through more grown-up, coming-of-age hurdles. There is a brand-new thematic perspective for Tessa and Hardin, circled around a love tune performed on the piano’s warmer middle range. This melody occasionally breaks out into more melancholic motives that encapsulate different imbalances or feelings. Richard, Tessa’s absentee father, also comes into their lives, and what was interesting to me is that even though I composed a theme for Richard himself, the melody organically tilted and always feels that it comes from Tessa’s viewpoint of him and their strained relationship since her childhood.”


Recipient of the Jerry Goldsmith Award and the International Film Music Critics Award, George Kallis’ scores span the globe. George has taken over scoring duties for the wildly popular film franchise to After, starting with After We Fell, directed by Castille Landon, coming to U.S. theaters September 2021. Previously he composed the score for the box office hit The Last Warrior: The Root of Evil for Walt Disney Pictures CIS, with the soundtrack being released worldwide by Walt Disney Records. His score for the biopic sports drama Lev Yashin: The Dream Goalkeeper about the superstar goalkeeper earned rave reviews, as well as his music for the dark comedy American Sausage Standoff (Gutterbee), directed by Ulrich Thomsen.  Disney’s first installment for the live-action fantasy The Last Warrior, earned George a Jerry Goldsmith Award for Best Music for a Feature Film. Amongst his latest work was the score and title song “I’ll Wait for You” from Cliffs of Freedom, starring Christopher Plummer and Billy Zane, which received award nominations at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. His other fantasy scoring work includes the Albion the Enchanted Stallion, starring John Cleese, Debra Messing, and Jennifer Morrison which earned him the Breakthrough Composer of the Year award at the International Film Music Critics Awards.


1. Richard (1:15)
2. That’s Not Enough (2:07)
3. Stop Keeping Secrets (1:48)
4. We Are All Fools in Love (0:50)
5. You Can Come Back, Robert (1:00)
6. There’s a Big Difference (2:24)
7. Pain (1:37)
8. Phone Sex (1:34)
9. Hardin’s Nightmare (1:33)
10. A Surprise Visit (0:57)
11. Burden For You (1:45)
12. Seattle (1:52)
13. Intruder (2:19)
14. Random Homeless Man (0:46)
15. It’s Not OK (1:44)
16. The Wedding (1:11)
17. Tell Me What (1:48)18. Not Enough (After We Fell Remix) (3:16)