Music Composed by PAUL SAUNDERSON

Coinciding with the film’s UK premiere on November 11, 2016, MovieScore Media presents the soundtrack release of Jim O’Hanlon’s 100 Streets, starring Idris Elba, Gemma Arterton, Charlie Creed-Miles, Kierston Wareing, Franz Drameh and Ken Stott. Following its release of Starfish, the label once again teams up with composer Paul Saunderson in order to bring you the emotionally-charged, piano-based score that ties together the film’s complex narrative structure. The picture focuses on three different storylines, including the emotional turmoils of a former rugby star and his estranged wife, a down-on-his-luck cabbie whose life changes following a traffic incident and a drug dealer who wants to branch out into the world of arts following an inspiration by a retired actor.

The score for 100 Streets is a very motivic score linking the three interwoven stories together as Paul explains:.”With the film being set in the heart of London, the films soundscape was very full and busy as one might expect in a city so we decided the best way to go was to be direct keeping the score to mainly piano and in some cases double piano which really helped bring out the poetic side of the film. As a concept we felt like the river themes linked all these people together so I used this idea within some of the piano cues, creating a sense of watery like motion but also at times feeling unstoppable. Amongst the piano pieces there are some more folky acoustic guitar cues with cello, which really helped us bring out the raw emotion of the film, which I feel we achieved well at the very end of the film.”

After receiving his Music degree from The University of Leeds in composition and electro acoustic music, Paul Saunderson immersed himself into the world of film music working as assistant to the award winning composer llan Eshkeri (Still Alice, The Young Victoria, Stardust, Layer Cake). As a composer, he has recently completed work on MTV’s eagerly awaited action adventure series The Shannara Chronicles as well as the score for Starfish directed by Bill Clark which is currently in cinemas and is also available from MovieScore Media (MMS16017).

MMS16018 • 
Release date (digital): November 11, 2016


1 A Hundred Streets 2:12
2 Running 0:56
3 London Into Morning 1:58
4 Home Alone 1:36
5 Card Declined 1:01
6 Park Bench 2:07
7 Drug Deal 1:41
8 Kingsley Fight 3:11
9 Graveyard 1:13
10 Nose Bleed 1:18
11 Audition Restaurant 3:58
12 Terrance 1:29
13 Max Has a Gun 4:08
14 Pregnancy Test 1:48
15 I Give Up 1:33
16 Arrested 2:53
17 New Beginnings 0:57
18 A Hundred Streets (Reprise) 2:14