Kinetophone and City Lights present:


City Lights: A Weekly 2-Hour Film Music Radio Show
Tuesdays 21:00-23:00



De La Piste A La Scene | Ouverture (CHOCOLAT) – Gabriel Yared

La Chute | Des Larmes Aux Rives (CHOCOLAT) – Gabriel Yared

Water Theme No.2 | Fortune (KNIGHT OF CUPS) – Hanan Townshend

Water Theme No. 1 | Thomas Tallis Theme (KNIGHT OF CUPS) – Hanan Townshend

Byrjanllgr | Ylva (THE LAST KING, BIRKEBEINERNE) – Gaute Storaas

Slaglengja | Kon Ungr (THE LAST KING, BIRKEBEINERNE) – Gaute Storaas

Sacrifice | Elegy for Refugees (IN THIS WORLD) – Dario Marianelli

Across The Mountains | The Invention Of Music (IN THIs WORLD) – Dario Marianelli

Dunkerque | Je Vous Souhaite D’Etre Follement (LOOKING FOR HER) – Ibrahim Maalouf

Elisa & Noe | Illusion, Elisa (LOOKING FOR HER) – Ibrahim Maalouf

Silent Corridors | Blood Garden (HIGH-RISE) – Clint Mansell

Danger in The Streets Of The Sky (HIGH-RISE) – Clint Mansell

Balyuan’s Theme | Sister’s Theme (JUDGE ARCHER) – An Wei

Love Theme 2 (JUDGE ARCHER) – An Wei

Visiting Foster (LAMB) – Daniel Belardinelli

Secret Trip | Titles (LAMB) – Daniel Belardinelli

Time Passes Slowly | Tomorrow Is A New Day (MAKING A MURDERER) – Kevin Kiner, Gustavo Santaolalla

Can’t Believe This Is Happening | Waiting | Main Title  (MAKING A MURDERER) – Kevin Kiner, Gustavo Santaolalla

Under The Frozen Surface | The Gulls And The Eagle (TALE OF A LAKE) – Panu Aaltio

Bug Ballet | A Family Divided | Tale Of A Lake (TALE OF A LAKE) – Panu Aaltio

Michelle | Two Stories (10 CLOVERFIELD LANE) – Bear McCreary

Hazmat Suite | 10 Cloverfield Lane (10 CLOVERFIELD LANE) – Bear McCreary