It sounds real! Kinetophone and City Lights present: BEST DOCUMENTARY SCORES 2014!

Airplaying VISITORS by Philip Glass, BALLET BOYS by Henrik Skram, BEARS by George Fenton, THE SALT OF THE EARTH by Laurent Petitgand, THE UNKNOWN KNOWN by Danny Elfman, WARSAW UPRISING by Bartosz Chajdecki, AN ARCTIC SPACE ODYSSEY by Grand Island, COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY by Alan Silvestri, BRITAIN’S GREAT WAR by Chris Nicolaides, 14 DIARIES OF THE GREAT WAR byLaurent Eyquem, CONQUERING CHINA by Oscar Fogelström, THE FINAL MEMBER by Rob Simonsen, THE BEAR ISLAND by Erlend Elvesveen, A NUCLEAR STORY by Fabrizio Campanelli and more!

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Novus Ordo Seclorum (VISITORS) – Philip Glass

The Final Member (THE FINAL MEMBER) – Rob Simonsen

Complete (THE FINAL MEMBER) – Rob Simonsen

Opening Titles (THE HIDDEN KINGDOM) – Ben Foster

Bright Lights (THE HIDDEN KINGDOM) – Ben Foster

The Missile Crisis (JFK: A PRESIDENT BETRAYED) – James T. Sale

Main Theme (14 DIARIES OF THE GREAT WAR) – Laurent Eyquem

Nenets (THE SALT OF THE EARTH) – Laurent Petitgand

The Salt Of The Earth (THE SALT OF THE EARTH) – Laurent Petitgand

Cracking The Code (CONQUERING CHINA) – Oscar Fogelstrom

Best Of Both Words (CONQUERING CHINA) – Oscar Fogelstrom

Score Suite (BEARS) – George Fenton

Suite Montage (BRITAIN’S GREAT WAR) – Chris Nicolaides

The Early Days (DINOSAUR 13) – Matt Morton

Triumph For Humanity (THE CASE AGAINST 8) – Blake Neely

Grasse (BALLET BOYS) – Henrik Skram

Future (BALLET BOYS) – Henrik Skram

Two Sides (THE UNKNOWN KNOWN) – Danny Elfman

Theme (THE UNKNOWN KNOWN) – Danny Elfman

Main Titles (THE UNKNOWN KNOWN) – Danny Elfman


We Fear Change (THE OLD BELIEVERS) – William Ryan Fritch

De Profundis, End Credits (WILDE SALOME) – Jeff Beal

Svalband (AN ARCTIC SPACE ODYSSEY) – Grand Island

All That Is (AN ARCTIC SPACE ODYSSEY) – Grand Island

Final Stand, We Fight Again (WARSAW UPRISING) – Bartosz Chajdecki

Freedom ‘44, Hope (WARSAW UPRISING) – Bartosz Chajdecki

Cosmos Main Title (COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY) – Alan Silvestri

Halley’s Comet (COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY) – Alan Silvestri

Morgentau (PLANET DEUTSCHLAND: 300 MILLIONEN JAHRE) – Markus Lehmann Horn

Planet Deutschland (PLANET DEUTSCHLAND: 300 MILLIONEN JAHRE) – Markus Lehmann Horn

Nukes (A NUCLEAR STORY) – Fabrizio Campanelli

Chain Reaction (A NUCLEAR STORY) – Fabrizio Campanelli

Complementary Colours (A NUCLEAR STORY) – Fabrizio Campanelli

Forste Vandring (THE BEAR ISLAND) – Erlend Elvesveen

Surfen Vender Tilbake (THE BEAR ISLAND) – Erlend Elvesveen

Bjornoya (THE BEAR ISLAND) – Erlend Elvesveen

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