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City Lights: A Weekly 2-Hour Film Music Radio Show
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Opening | Transformation (MOMENTUM) – Laurent Eyquem

The Torture | Momentum (MOMENTUM) – Laurent Eyquem

Remembering (FREEHELD) – Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr

Can’t Leave Her (FREEHELD) – Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr

Mars | Messages From Hermes (THE MARTIAN) – Harry Gregson Williams

I Got Him (THE MARTIAN) – Harry Gregson Williams

Rain | Bridge Of Spies, End Titles (BRIDGE OF SPIES) – Thomas Newman

The Wall (BRIDGE OF SPIES) – Thomas Newman

The Dagger | Macbeth (MACBETH) – Jed Kurzel

Spot (MACBETH) – Jed Kurzel

Opening Overture | Neverbirds (PAN) –  John Powell

A Boy Who could Fly (PAN) –  John Powell

Two Loves (THE WALK) – Alan Silvestri

The Walk (THE WALK) – Alan Silvestri

Beck Gets Up | Epilogue (EVEREST) – Dario Marianelli

Lost | A Close Shave (EVEREST) – Dario Marianelli

Reflection | Melancholia (SICARIO) – Johann Johannsson

The Beast (SICARIO) – Johann Johannsson

No Drugs, No Murder (BLACK MASS) – Tom Holkenborg

John Connolly | Boston Globe (BLACK MASS) – Tom Holkenborg

The Red Mist | The Unfinished Kiss (THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E) – Daniel Pemberton

Escape From East Berlin | Take You Down (THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E) – Daniel Pemberton


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