Kinetophone and City Lights Film Music Radioshow present:


A 2h trip to 2017 scores with many airplaying premieres!

City Lights: A Weekly 2-Hour Film Music Radio Show.
Produced and presented by Eleni Mitsiaki.
Tuesdays 21:00-23:00

I Dream Of Gold | Economy Turned (GOLD) – Daniel Pemberton

Dream House | Blue Skies  (GOLD) – Daniel Pemberton

One Dollar Address (IN DUBOIS BATTLE) – Hauschka

Quarters | Go Get Doc (IN DUBOIS BATTLE) – Hauschka

Sea Bells | Unravelling (SILENCE) – Kathryn and Kim Allen Kluge

Secret Sacrament | Saints and Heroes (SILENCE) – Kathryn and Kim Allen Kluge

The Swing | Mara Calls (THE DEVIL’S CANDY) – Michael Yezerski

The Circle (THE DEVIL’S CANDY) – Michael Yezerski

Les Livres | La Confession | Baiser Vole (LA CONFESSION) – Nicolas Errera

Les Funerailles | Le Petit Bonhomme pt.2 (LA CONFESSION) – Nicolas Errera

Rusalka | Red Star | River (BITTER HARVEST) – Benjamin Walllfisch

Orphans | Bitter Harvest (BITTER HARVEST) – Benjamin Walllfisch

Full Moon | My Daughter (CLINICAL) – Ian Hultquist

Intake Session (CLINICAL) – Ian Hultquist

Fantome De Marie | Theme De Marie Et Jean (DAGUERROTYPE) – Gregoire Hetzel

Le Secret De La Chambre Noire (DAGUERROTYPE) – Gregoire Hetzel

Dickie Is The Man | The Birth Of Two Nations (VICEROY’S HOUSE) – A.R.Rahman

The Partition | Viceroy’s House  (VICEROY’S HOUSE) – A.R.Rahman

Main Title, Prologue | Home | The Beast | Madame De Garderobe (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) – Alan Menken

Wolf Chase | Turret Pursuit | You Came Back | Belle (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) – Alan Menken