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Howard Shore/David Cronenberg re-issues

Howard Shore/David Cronenberg re-issues

HOWE RECORDS CELEBRATES THE 35-YEAR, 15-FILM COLLABORATION BETWEEN DAVID CRONENBERG AND HOWARD SHORE   With Three Expanded Edition Releases: DEAD RINGERS NAKED LUNCH CRASH Howe Records is pleased to announce the release of three expanded collector’s edition soundtracks celebrating the 35th anniversary of the collaboration between celebrated filmmaker David Cronenberg and Academy Award®-winning composer Howard Shore with the release of collector’s...
SWITCHBACK - Music From The Motion Picture

SWITCHBACK – Music From The Motion Picture

Back by popular demand, Intrada presents a straight reissue of the first Special Collection release from 2000.  Composer Basil Poledouris chose to anchor his score around a brief 3-note motif, heard at the very beginning of the score on solo flute.  Extremely flexible, this motif worked alone, sometimes expanded into longer ideas, blended with more...