Featuring Original Score By Rupert Gregson-Williams

Lakeshore Records will release the POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album digitally on September 23rd and on CD October 21, 2014.  The album features original score by Rupert Gregson-Williams (HOTEL RWANDA, WINTER’S TALE).

“I started the movie with a very simple rendition of the TV theme tune, and built it up taking us through to a new broad and orchestral theme by the time we met our heroes, Pat and Jess,” said Gregson-Williams. “I used this new theme for Pat throughout the movie. We found a theme for our baddy – there has to be a baddy in any good story – we had fun with that. It is in its boldest form in the track ‘Megolamaniac.’”
Rupert Gregson-Williams was born in England and educated at St. John’s College Choir School, Cambridge. A truly versatile composer, he has written a wide range of scores including the Oscar® winning HOTEL RWANDA, for which he was awarded the European film composer of the year Award, and Warner Bros WINTER’S TALE, as well as independent features such as Pathe’s THUNDERPANTS, Sony’s THE MAIDEN HEIST and BBC Film’s LOVE+HATE, for which he was awarded the Reims International Composer Award. By contrast, Rupert scored the DreamWork’s animated features, OVER THE HEDGE and BEE MOVIE, for which he was nominated for an Annie award. Rupert has a long standing relationship with Adam Sandler and has scored a plethora of movies for him over the last decade including CLICK, GROWN UPS and BEDTIME STORIES. Rupert’s commercial and film collaborations have included Ben Folds, Mark Knopfler, Hans Zimmer, Hadag Nahash, Lebo M, Junior Mambazo and Moya Brennan.
POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE tells the story of Pat, everyone’s favorite postman, coming face-to-face with the temptations of money, status and a shiny new suit when he enters a national TV talent show competition that threatens to tear him away from his hometown of Greendale and his family and friends. What happens when kindness meets selfishness?   When local fame meets Global notoriety?   Will a nice cup of tea be kicked aside by a Frappacapacino? Pat is set to find out as he falls for the age-old temptation of the grass being greener….

“I worked closely with Mike Disa [director] to find the lush, green and pleasant sound of Greendale,” describes Rupert.  “I started with the opening sequence which was important – We wanted to make fans of POSTMAN PAT feel at home but also we needed to reflect the colors and size that the movie brought to them.” 
Paramount Pictures presents POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE, an RGH Entertainment and Classic Media production, available on DVD on September 23rd.  The POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album will be available digitally on September 23rd and on CD October 21, 2014.


1. Opening
2. Hotels
3. Pickups and Deliveries
4. Pat Nailed It
5. SDS Corporate Office
6. Pat-Bot 3000
7. Pat-Bot Into Service
8. Sara Needs to Talk
9. Scooter Chase
10. Greendale Into Action
11. Megalomaniac
12. Pat Alone
13. Oh No
14. Postman Pat Is Back
15. Rooftops and Cat-Bot
16. Pat’s a Robot
17. What’s Important
18. Robot Takeover and Defeat
19. Sara Arrives