Original Music by George Streicher

Varèse Sarabande will release the HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack out both digitally and on CD September 23, 2016. The album features the original music composed by George Streicher (VIPER, ROCK EM’ DEAD, SPACE RANGERS).

“Being a huge Williams/Goldsmith fan, I couldn’t help but bring some of that flavor to the score,” Streicher stated. “Those aspects definitely come out in some of the more action-adventure driven cues in the film, but for the most part, I tried to keep things light – it is a movie for kids, after all.” When scoring the first scenes, Streicher used the opening shot as inspiration for the tonal palette. “The first scene where the camera flies into the window of the house and we meet Howard for the first time I had been writing themes and playing with other ideas before, but I wanted to use that to really set the tone,” Streicher concluded. “I wanted to make sure it informed the audience that the score would be big and that there would be some scale to the movie; of course then bringing it down to a more restrained tone” especially since most of the beginning of the movie is more subtle and eerie.

HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM tells the story of a young H.P. Lovecraft. Before he becomes the famed horror writer, young Howard Lovecraft is a curious and imaginative boy living with his mother. But after she unwittingly gives Howard the legendary Necronomicon, he is transported to a dangerous and frozen world populated by horrifying creatures. After saving and befriending one such creature – Spot – Howard and his new friend set off on a perilous quest to save the kingdom and get Howard home. But Howard soon finds out that not everything is as it seems and not everyone is to be trusted.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, George Stretcher is a composer and filmmaker with a passion for classical film scores. From an early age, George was scoring his own short films, all of which he collaborated on with his peers. In 2005, he scored his own 35-minute short film VENGEANCE and went on to write library music and scores for various other filmmakers’ projects. George has collaborated with many other composers and musicians over the years, mostly thanks to exposure on the web. George continues to score for other filmmakers as well as produce his own projects.  He currently resides in Burbank, California. Today, George continues to produce short films and collaborate with various artists. Aside from directing, George is also heavily involved in the visual effects, editing and music for his own projects.

Shout! Factory is releasing the Arcana Studios production HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM, releasing October 2016. Varèse Sarabande will release the HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack both digitally and on CD September 23, 2016.


1. Main Title (1:01)
2. The Asylum (5:05)
3. Dark Journeys (1:34)
4. The Journal (3:03)
5. Into The Abyss (0:58)
6. Waking Up In R’Lyeh (2:44)
7. The Chase (2:53)
8. Spot (1:16)
9. Goblin Reports To Algid (1:54)
10. Snow Trek (1:26)
11. Gotha And Friends (4:08)
12. Howards Nightmare (1:58)
13. The Journey Begins (3:01)
14. Fun In The Snow (1:49)
15. Snowdown (2:10)
16. The Castle (4:26)
17. Escaping The Cauldron (2:35)
18. Queen Algids Court (1:48)
19. Tale Of The Ancients 3:21)
20. Raiders Of The Mountain Cave (3:30)
21. The Shoggoth (2:52)
22. Spot To The Rescue (4:00)
23. Algid Summons Cthulhu (4:04)
24. Battle In The Throne Room (5:26)
25. Saying Goodbye (3:25)
26. The End (1:25)
27. Surfin’ Snowboards (0:53)