When Duke de Frissac refuses to give in to Baron Von Nutter’s request for his land and titles the latter assassinates him, unaware that the Duke’s daughter Isabella is witness to these tragic events. Little Isabella is rescued by Melicour and raised by him among his fellow company of gypsies. Isabella never forgets and once grown into a beautiful and fierce woman, The Duchess Of The Devils will strike back to avenge her family and reclaim what is rightfully hers.

Kronos Records is proud to present you with another gem in our  The Gold Collection,  for the first time ever in any format this splendid gem: Isabella – Duchessa Dei Diavoli. The music was written by Maestro Sante Maria Romitelli, who penned a masterful, dramatic score with baroque overtones and coloured with some really beautiful strokes of gypsy violin,  choral and sacred music for this 1969 film by Bruno Corbucci.

Release date : 28th June 2014

Limited edition of 500 copies     





After defying Zeus, father of the gods, Venus and her lover Mars escape to Earth to run from Zeus’ wrath.  They take shelter at the camp of King Minos, with whom they plot to overthrow Zeus and take over Mount Olympus.  The blacksmith god Vulcan (Rod Flash) chases them but Pluto; god of the underworld; (Gordon Mitchell), accomplice of Venus and Mars has Vulcan thrown down to earth, where he ends stranded on a beach.  Rescued by the beautiful Etna, and accompanied by litle-big Geo, and the Etna and her people Vulcan oppose the evil plots of the defecting gods, deadly monsters and their mortal human allies.

This 1962 film written and directed by Emimmo Salvi is a hidden gem of the peplum genre and boasts a truly magnificent and epic score by Maestro Marcello Giombini. He is mainly known for his Spaghetti westerns,  Ehi, amico c’è Sabata hai chiuso (1969) and È tornato Sabata hai chiuso un’altra volta (1971), but he did write music for various other genres.  The music we are hereby presenting on this compact disc , courtesy of the Sugar/CAM vaults is released for the first time in any format on Kronos Records, The Gold Collection.

We have restored this work with much love and dedication and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

A must for all Marcello Giombini and peplum fans.

Release date : 28th June 2014 

Limited edition of 500 copies





La Cieca Di Sorrento (also known as Revenge of the Black Knight is a 1963 cloak and dagger film directed by Nick Nostro and based on the novel of the same name by Francesco Mastriani.  Masked knights fight the cruel Tyrant Amedeo, tutor of the beautiful, rich and blind orphan Isabella.  The knights are led by a young doctor who in the end will defeat Isabella’s evil oppressor, give her her sight and marry her.

The music for this adventurous romantic film is the work of none less than world reknown Maestro Carlo Savina;  music director of films such as The Godfather (1972), Amarcord (1973),  The Bear (1988) and close collaborator of various great composers of the 20th century such as Morricone, Trovajoli, Rota, Nascimbene, Myers, Sondheim, Sarde and none less than the legendary Miklós Rózsa.  The works of the latter were a profound influence on many movements of the score you are now lsitening to. Carlo Savina was a true master tunesmith, an incredibly talented arranger and a meticulous conductor.  This sweeping, gorgeous score makes its world debut in any format 51 years after its recording on KRONOS RECORDS’ THE GOLD COLLECTION  and courtesy of BEAT Records.

Our tenth title in The Gold Collection is a truly golden title by one if the most important and versatile composers Classical Film music has ever know.   A must for all fans of CARLO SAVINA and the immortal music of the GOLDEN AGE!

Release date : 28th June 2014

Limited edition of 500 copies    

Via Kronos Records