Kinetophone and City Lights present: FURY and other stories (new 2014 soundtracks).

Airplaying FURY (Steven Price), GONE GIRL (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross), THE KNICK Cliff Martinez), NOVEMBER MAN (happy birthday to Marco Beltrami), A PROMISE, 1408, TOM AT THE FARM (happy birthday to Gabriel Yared), THE EQUALIZER Harry Gregson Williams), UNDER THE SKIN (Mica Levi), STONEHEARST ASYLUM (John Debney), AMONG THE LIVINGRaphael Gesqua), AUTOMATA (Zacarias Martinez De La Riva), BATES MOTEL (Chris Bacon) and more!

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Get The Emir (KITE) – Paul Hepker

Kratsov’s Comeuppance (KITE) – Paul Hepker

Love (UNDER THE SKIN) – Mica Levi

Jacq Apologizes (AUTOMATA) – Zacarias Martinez de la Riva

Birth Of A New Robot  (AUTOMATA) – Zacarias Martinez de la Riva

Alone (THE EQUALIZER) – Harry Gregson-Williams

Three’s A Crowd (BATES MOTEL) – Chris Bacon

What Really Happened (BATES MOTEL) – Chris Bacon

The Doctor’s Story (STONEHEARST ASYLUM) – John Debney

Place De La Concorde (ROSEMARY’S BABY) – Antoni Lazarkiewicz

It’s An Anagram (ROSEMARY’S BABY) – Antoni Lazarkiewicz

Among The Living (AMONG THE LIVING) – Raphael Gesqua

She Asked For You (NOVEMBER MAN) – Marco Beltrami

End Credits (NOVEMBER MAN) – Marco Beltrami

Fjords (WORLD OF WARPLANES) – Mikhail Kotov

Transfusion (DA VINCI’S DEMONS: SEASON 2) – Bear McCreary

Florence Under Siege (DA VINCI’S DEMONS: SEASON 2) – Bear McCreary

Call Me Dad (THE KNICK) – Cliff Martinez

Falling Off A Bicycle (THE KNICK) – Cliff Martinez

What Have We done To Each Other? (GONE GIRL) – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Technically, Missing (GONE GIRL) – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

The Beetfield (FURY) – Steven Price

Norman (FURY) – Steven Price

Katie’s Theme (1408), Iron and Fire (A PROMISE) – Gabriel Yared

Jeu De Roles (TOM AT THE FARM) – Gabriel Yared

Main Menu (THIEF) – Luc St. Pierre

Towards The Star (PLANETARY ANNIHILATION) – Howard Mostrom

Shay’s Secret Mission (BROKEN AGE) – Peter McConnell

City in Flames (CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW 2) – Oscar Araujo

Castlevania (CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW 2) – Oscar Araujo

The Seeding (CIVILIZATION: BEYOND EARTH) – Geoff Knorr

Our New World (CIVILIZATION: BEYOND EARTH) – Geoff Knorr



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